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Convert High Intent Browsers Into Subscribers

Add sign-up units to your mobile and desktop websites to convert high-intent browsers into text messaging subscribers. Display exit-intent sign-up units on category and product pages. Consider sharing a special offer or discount to incentivize shoppers to sign up before they go.
Create your sign-up incentive strategy. We’ve found that the most effective sign-up units offer shoppers a discount for opting in. During peak sales periods (like Cyber Week), swap your usual sign-up incentives for special offers—like free shipping or a dollar amount off—to encourage sign-ups.
Build hype around your collection or collaboration launches using your sign-up units. Hint at the drop, and invite people to sign up to be the first to know when it drops. Then offer the text messaging subscribers who signed up through these units the chance to shop the exclusive products before anyone else.

Grow Your Email and SMS Lists Simultaneously

Build your email and SMS lists at the same time using Attentive’s 2-in-1 solution. Your subscribers will appreciate the chance to choose which channels they’d like to engage with you on, and that they can do so in one easy flow.
Tap into your engaged audience of email subscribers to scale your SMS list. Convert these shoppers into SMS subscribers by promoting your text message marketing program in your email newsletters and e-blasts. Reward these subscribers with exclusive offers, behind-the-scenes content, and in-person experiences.

Integrate your SMS program with your ESP to seamlessly sync data across platforms.

PS: Attentive’s integration with Klaviyo—the email service provider most frequently used by our Shopify-powered customers—allows you to seamlessly sync data across platforms, without additional development work.
Explore our guide for Shopify brands to learn how to launch and maximize your brand’s SMS program.
"Subscriber base four months ago, we’ve decreased our email churn rate by more than 150%. Our Attentive-powered SMS program—especially our ‘Email-First’ sign-up unit—has contributed to this decrease in churn and has helped us achieve real list growth, even during a year like this.”
Maya Menon O’Connor, Director of Marketing,

Tap Into Your Other Digital Channels

Leverage the work you’ve put into building your social following by using Attentive’s Instagram Swipe-Up feature to convert your followers into SMS subscribers. Incentivize sign-ups by letting your followers know they’ll be the first to know about new products and limited-time offers. You’ll be able to avoid algorithms and directly engage shoppers who are looking to your brand for inspiration. 
Promote your text messaging program in your paid social media campaigns. You’ll extend the reach of your paid efforts by establishing a direct line of communication with high-intent shoppers. Offering your social audience a special offer for signing up—like 10% off—will make shoppers even more likely to convert. 
"We wanted to find new channels for Dorsal Bracelets to try to scale up their business. Because we were able to send so much cost-effective traffic through Snapchat, their text message list growth was off the charts. And knowing that for them, text messages convert so much higher than email—it pretty much crushed it from a conversion and revenue standpoint.”
Scott Kramer, VP of Sales and Marketing, Common Thread Collective

Create a Sense of Urgency

SMS is made to communicate time-sensitive offers and updates. Because subscribers are likely to see text messages right away, it’s the perfect channel to drive traffic to 24-hour flash sales. Use segmentation to send subscribers who haven’t shopped the sale a “final hours” reminder to drive last-minute purchases, too.
Text subscribers about exclusive seasonal items and limited-time collaborations to build excitement and drive immediate web traffic. Get your SMS subscribers excited for what’s to come by sending a “teaser” text message the day before the items drop, and include a clue about the collaboration (or send an image to give shoppers a sneak peek).
Products are sure to sell out fast during the holiday season, so let shoppers know when the items they’re interested in are back in stock. And when an item is about to sell out, send a message to subscribers who have browsed the item encouraging them to shop before they’re gone.
“SMS subscribers are extremely engaged—it's now the number one marketing channel that we default to if we want to get in front of customers quickly and drive sales in a short window of time.”
Phillip Cruickshank, Brand Marketing Manager, CB2

Keep People Coming Back to Your Website

Encourage your SMS subscribers to come back to your website every day (and increase customer lifetime value) with a “12 Days of Deals” campaign. Each day of the campaign, send a text message to subscribers highlighting the latest offer. Try a themed “scratch-off” GIF revealing each day’s deal.
“LANEIGE's 12 Days of Beauty campaign is built to keep the momentum going throughout the holiday season by delighting customers with online exclusive, never-before-seen offers. On some days, we explicitly announced what the deal of the day was, but we found that the vague "Reveal today's offer!" text messages on other days drove just much engagement and conversion. With short yet such powerful messaging, SMS marketing is a key channel for us, especially during this time.”
Christine Kim, Digital Marketing Specialist, LANEIGE

Create VIP Perks and Experiences

Your SMS subscribers are your most loyal fans. Treat them like VIPs by giving them exclusive first access to sales and collections. 24 hours before the sale, let subscribers know they can start shopping before anyone else. Include a secret code they can use at checkout to get the deal.
Shoppers will be searching for the best deals possible. Make sure you stand out during especially noisy periods by offering perks like gift wrapping, free shipping, and product personalization to encourage subscribers to convert.
Engage your SMS subscribers (and drive repeat traffic) with a scavenger hunt using Attentive's two-way conversations capabilities. Invite them to find the "magic word" on your website and reply back with the correct keyword. Then, send them another clue and a link to your website. After they've found all of your keywords, send them a congratulatory text and reward them with an exclusive dynamic coupon code.

Returning shoppers generate 22%-25% more revenue per online visit.

Explore more SMS campaign ideas your brand can use to engage shoppers and build awareness throughout the holiday season.

Tailor Messages to Your Subscribers’ Behaviors

Target your most engaged subscribers and past purchasers to increase your text channel’s ROI. Text this segment more frequently with exclusive offers and content. Send them personalized recommendations—like cross-selling recommended products or sending replenishment reminders—to increase their lifetime value.

Shopify brands who work with Attentive can go even deeper by targeting customers based on their past purchases to deliver personalized recommendations.

Explore our guide for Shopify brands to learn how to launch and maximize your brand’s SMS program.
Use geo-targeting to send subscribers personalized product recommendations. For example, recommend summery clothing or skincare for those who live in warmer climates or cozy items for those who might be buried under a foot of snow.

Target Subscribers Based on Their Preferences

Segment subscribers based on their product preferences (like their browsing and purchase history) to send personalized product announcements and recommendations. For example, send subscribers a text announcing a new product similar to their favorite past purchases. If your brand’s products are high-consideration purchases (like luggage or tech accessories), add these subscribers into educational drip campaigns highlighting product features.
“The ability to leverage Shopify subscriber data directly in Attentive allows us to send texts to our highly targeted message segments—making our text channel even more personalized and engaging.”
Griffin Thall, CEO & Co-Founder, Pura Vida Bracelets

Guide Subscribers Down the Funnel

Create segments based on engagement history to start up conversations with lapsed subscribers. Send subscribers who haven’t clicked on a message within a given period a “win-back” offer—like free shipping or a percentage off—to encourage them to make a purchase, while moving them back into your group of engaged subscribers.
Text subscribers who have engaged with your messages but haven’t made a purchase yet to help them discover the right items for them. Send a GIF recommending outfit combinations or educational content on how to pull signature looks together. If your products are fit- or shade-focused, send subscribers a quiz to help them find their perfect match.
“I don’t think text messaging is just another channel. I think it’s going to become the most important channel when it comes to communicating with our customers and offering them content that matters. We are bullish on SMS—not just as a leading source of engagement for our customers, but as the future of interaction.”
Ryan Alovis, CEO of LensDirect

Ask Subscribers About Their Preferences

Run a conversational campaign to discover what winter holidays your subscribers are observing. Send them offers and reminders relevant to their selected holidays, and segment them out for irrelevant holidays. Or, if someone isn’t celebrating a holiday, give them an option to receive wintery deals instead. 

Pair SMS and Email to Bring Shoppers Back to Your Site

People can get easily distracted or bounce from site to site looking for deals during the holiday season. Pair SMS and email to drive conversions. First, send an SMS reminder inviting them to take a second look. If they haven’t made a purchase within a given time period, send an email with educational content highlighting product features, product use cases, and community-sourced images.
Recover otherwise lost revenue by sending abandoned cart reminders via text and email. First, send an SMS reminder 30 minutes after a shopper has left something in their cart. If a subscriber still hasn’t made a purchase within four hours, send an email reminder including a product image. Consider adding an incentive to your email reminder (like free shipping) to encourage subscribers to convert.
"We implemented a welcome series as well as an abandoned cart series, and we've seen both types of messages grow exponentially. Using text messaging in tandem with existing email marketing campaigns has proven to be extremely successful, and we couldn’t be happier with the results." 
Milla Stern, Senior Email Marketing Strategist, Power Digital Marketing

Integrate your SMS program with your ESP to seamlessly sync data across platforms.

PS: Attentive’s integration with Klaviyo—the email service provider most frequently used by our Shopify-powered customers—allows you to seamlessly sync data across platforms, without additional development work. Explore our guide for Shopify brands to learn how to launch and maximize your brand’s SMS program.

Promote Your Latest Products

Use SMS and email in tandem to announce seasonal products. SMS marketing is the perfect channel to drive immediate traffic, while email is perfect for longer-form storytelling and inspirational content. Text subscribers announcing your new items, and include a GIF teasing the products. Then, send an email that tells the story behind the collection and includes eye-catching imagery to further entice shoppers.

Keep Subscribers Engaged After They Click “Buy”

Ask purchasers to leave a review or tag your brand in pictures of their items on social media. If they haven’t made a second purchase within a month, send an email with product recommendations. If they still haven’t made a purchase a month later, send a follow-up text offering a “win-back” perk, like free shipping or a percentage off.
After a subscriber has completed their checkout, invite them to sign up for email or text transactional updates so they can track when their item will arrive on their confirmation page. While some shoppers may prefer to receive email updates, others will want to get real-time updates on their phones.

Shopify brands who work with Attentive can seamlessly deliver transactional updates to shoppers from the moment they click “purchase” to their package arriving on their doorstep.

Explore our guide for Shopify brands to learn how to launch and maximize your brand’s SMS program.

Optimize Your First Impression

A/B test your sign-up units to find the incentives and language that resonates with people. Some may be interested in being the first to know about new products and offers, while others may want access to bonus content. We’ve found that offering subscribers a deal (like free shipping) will make them more likely to sign up, especially during busy sales periods.
Once you’ve found the language and offers that increase your list growth rate, A/B test your welcome flow. Test the messaging and cadence that increases your conversion rate. For example, test whether sending a follow-up message with an offer reminder or educational content drives a stronger click-through rate.

Discover Your Audience’s Texting Style

Analyze your messages’ click, conversion, and opt-out rates to determine how often you should send your subscribers messages, and which types drive the best results. Your goal over time should be to customize these messages to appeal to specific audience segments (such as your most engaged SMS subscribers) instead of sending the same content to everyone.
You can A/B test copy variations, emoji usage, or other content strategies to learn which tone and message length perform best. Remember to run multiple A/B tests in order to gather enough data to deliver a statistically significant result. These tests will serve as the foundation of your future segmentation and personalization strategies.
“The great thing about Attentive is that we can be flexible with A/B testing our segmentation and messages and pivot depending on what we see has the most impact.”
– Chip Malt, CEO & Co-Founder, Made In Cookware

Keep Your Fingers on the Engagement Pulse

Activate transactional data to create segments based on purchase history. Use time-sensitive discounts or positive reviews of your best-selling products to target subscribers who haven’t made a purchase recently. Increase customer lifetime value by cross-selling or upselling with personalized recommendations.
Segment subscribers based on how they’ve engaged with past messages (for example, if they’ve clicked on at least one text in the last two weeks). Maximize your revenue by targeting subscribers who are actively opening and clicking your texts. Send win-back campaigns to unengaged subscribers with offers and content that will pique their interest.

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