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Create Your List Growth Strategy

Convert high-intent browsers into subscribers by adding sign-up units to your mobile and desktop websites. If your brand doesn’t offer promotions, you can position your text messaging program as a VIP community, and let subscribers know they’ll get exclusive offers and in-store experiences.
Determine your sign-up incentive strategy. We’ve found that the most effective sign-up units offer shoppers a discount for opting in. During peak sales periods (like Cyber Week), personalize your sign-up units with your site-wide offers or perks.
A thoughtful welcome message can help you automatically drive a lot of revenue. Welcome people into your community. Make it as easy as possible for them to start shopping by including Attentive’s auto-apply URL, so their welcome offer is automatically applied at checkout.

Grow Your Email List Simultaneously

Build your email and SMS lists simultaneously, using Attentive’s 2-in-1 solution. Capturing email and SMS opt-ins at the same time gives people the opportunity to sign up for the channels they’d like to engage with you on.
You’ve probably already built an engaged audience of email subscribers. Convert those shoppers into SMS subscribers by promoting your text message marketing program in your email newsletters and e-blasts. Reward these subscribers with exclusive offers, behind-the-scenes content, and in-person experiences.

Tap Into Your Digital Channels

Tap into your social media presence and turn followers into SMS subscribers so you can directly engage shoppers. The 1:1 connection means you’ll be able to immediately drive foot and web traffic throughout the holiday season (and beyond).
Promote your text channel in paid media so you can retarget shoppers after they’ve left your website or social media profile. This segment of subscribers may not be as familiar with your brand, so think about nurturing them with relevant offers and content until they make their first purchase online or in-store.
“We have a loyal, engaged customer base on our organic social accounts. We leverage Attentive's Instagram Swipe-Up list growth solution to promote our SMS program and convert social media followers into text subscribers.”
Phillip Cruickshank, Associate Director, Brand Marketing, CB2

Capture Sign-Ups In-Store

Make a Good First Impression

Use your welcome message to introduce shoppers to your brand. Whether it’s highlighting your commitment to quality, or delivering an offer, let subscribers know more about what makes your brand special. Include a link to shop online or to find their nearest location.

Bring Busy Shoppers Back to Your Website

Since holiday shoppers generally tend to shop around to find the best deal, they’ll likely be bouncing from your site more often. Set up browse abandonment reminders to convert site visitors into purchasers. Remind them of what they’re missing out on (and encourage them to add it to their online cart).
As shoppers search for the best deals possible, they’ll likely be leaving items in their online shopping carts. Set up abandoned cart reminders to recover otherwise lost revenue. Consider personalizing messages with the name and images of the item left behind, or incentivize shoppers by offering free shipping or curbside pick-up.
"Our customer browses our website a lot. She uses the cart as a wish list. When we turned on cart abandonment reminders sent via text, we were blown away by the results. Within the first couple of weeks, we had an 83x ROI on those messages."
David Cost, VP of E-Commerce & Digital Marketing, Rainbow
Because items are sure to sell out quickly during the holiday season, don’t forget to add a rule to suppress browse and cart abandonment reminders for out-of-stock items. Or—if the product is sold out—send a recommendation for a similar product they’d enjoy.

Keep the Conversation Going After They Click “Buy”

Build post-purchase flows to keep your customers engaged. Consider asking subscribers for a review a few weeks after they’ve made their purchase. Once they’ve had more time to enjoy their item, send product recommendations to drive repeat orders. For products that need to be refilled or have an expiration date, consider setting up a replenishment reminder so subscribers never run out. 

Returning shoppers generate 22%-25% more revenue per online visit.

Explore more SMS campaign ideas your brand can use to engage shoppers and build awareness throughout the holiday season.

Help Subscribers Discover Their New Favorites

Recreate your stores’ discovery experience and top-performing displays by sending subscribers a series of gift guides themed around interests—from clean beauty to cooking. Offer subscribers a bundle offer (like $15 off a purchase of $100+) to encourage larger order sizes.
Keep your subscribers coming back to your website by running a 12 Days of Deals campaign. Give subscribers access to exclusive online offers, sharing coupon codes they can redeem at checkout. Get subscribers excited with a graphic or GIF teasing each day’s promotion.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Build hype around your online-exclusive collaborations and collections. Give your SMS subscribers early access to pre-order or shop before anyone else. Include a GIF or image showcasing the items to give shoppers a sneak peek before they shop. Highlighting exclusivity will help build anticipation for your future messages, too.
While shoppers may not be able to get to a store right away, they can immediately start shopping on their phones. Let SMS subscribers know about flash sales and limited-time offers to create a sense of urgency. Send a follow-up “final hours” text message to drive last-minute traffic.
“From the get-go, we’ve seen that our text messaging subscribers are more likely to convert. Being able to directly engage our most loyal subscribers has made a tremendous impact on our holiday performance.”
Liz Owens, VP of Marketing, Paper Source

Help Subscribers Give Meaningful Gifts

Promote your brand’s personalization options—like monogramming or selecting color combinations—so people can add a special touch to their gifts. Stand out during busy shopping periods like Cyber Week by offering shoppers free personalization and gift wrapping options. They’ll appreciate the help making their gifts all the more meaningful.

Promote Your BOPIS and Curbside Pick-Up Options

Text subscribers about the ease of your BOPIS/curbside pick-up options so they can choose their preferred shopping experience. Consider offering them a dollar amount or percentage off for their next curbside pick-up order. 

Offer In-Store Only Perks

Because shoppers may not want to visit your store multiple times in one week, increase purchase values by offering SMS subscribers bundle deals on their next in-store purchase. (like spend $100, get $15 off). To keep them coming back, consider giving them a $15 gift card to use on their next purchase.
Make visiting your stores as simple as possible for your subscribers. Segment your audience based on their location, and give them a special offer they can redeem at the checkout counter. Don’t forget to include a link with directions to their nearest location.

Create In-Store VIP Experiences

Invite shoppers to special in-store events and pop-ups, like collaborations or shopping consultations. Give SMS subscribers first access to tickets, or offer them a free gift with their registration.
Give subscribers the VIP treatment by sending them a secret code they can redeem for a surprise discount or offer. Tease the offer with in-store signage and invite shoppers to sign-up with a TTJ code to receive their mystery offer. Include a link to a coupon in their welcome message so they can redeem it right away.

Personalize Messages by Syncing Up Your Data

Start connecting the dots between your digital channels by integrating your SMS program with your ESP, loyalty program, and CRM. Once you’ve ingested this data, you can create custom segments of shoppers who are subscribed to multiple channels to target your messages (and maximize ROI).
Build segments based on which channels a subscriber is engaging with you on—like email, your loyalty program, paid ads, and social media—and target messages based on where they are in the shopping funnel. For example, encourage subscribers who signed up for texts via paid ads to make their first purchase with an incentive.
“We believe in personalized customer experiences—both in our SHEFIT products and in our marketing, so it’s incredibly important for us to be able to utilize data between our martech systems. With Attentive, we’re able to pass data between Shopify and our ESP to segment messages based on what our customer previously purchased and more. That personalization enables us to drive more revenue per message we send.”
Ezra Chasser, Senior Director of Digital, SHEFIT

Explore our guide for Shopify brands to learn how to launch and maximize your brand’s SMS program.

Pair Email and SMS to Drive Action

Text message marketing is great for in-the-moment reminders, while email is great for sending nudges as shoppers are thinking about their purchase. Send a reminder text 30 minutes after a shopper has abandoned their online shopping cart. If they still haven’t purchased, send an email reminder 4 hours later to remind them of what they’re missing.
Use email and SMS in tandem to drive traffic to your site during sales. Text subscribers announcing your sale to drive immediate traffic. Once your sale is in full swing, send an email highlighting the products on sale to further entice shoppers who haven’t made a purchase yet. Then send a “final hours” text to encourage last-minute shoppers to complete their order before it’s gone.

Convert Your Social Followers Into SMS Subscribers

Give your social media followers a sneak peek at upcoming collections or collaborations, and invite them to sign up for texts to be the first to know when they drop. Then, create a segment of these subscribers and give them exclusive first access to shop before others have the chance.
Use Instagram Stories to tease upcoming Cyber Week sales. Invite your followers to sign up for texts to be the first to know when the sales start. Once the holiday season kicks off, send this segment of subscribers early access to promotions.

Nurture Your Brand Loyalists

Send your loyalty members extra perks via text. Give these subscribers the VIP treatment by sharing behind-the-scenes looks at products and collections on your blog. Text them invitations to members-only digital and in-person events, too—from Instagram Lives to exclusive after-hours shopping events.
Set up a post-purchase series to automatically target customers when they’re most engaged. If you want to increase brand loyalty, help subscribers get to know you better by including educational content. After they’ve received their purchase, invite customers to leave a review on your brand’s website or tag your brand on Instagram with pictures of their product.

Returning shoppers generate 22%-25% more revenue per online visit.

Explore more SMS campaign ideas your brand can use to engage shoppers and build awareness throughout the holiday season.

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