Text Messaging Inspiration for Driving Mobile Revenue in 2021

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Dec 18, 2020
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Marissa Sanford
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Explore best-in-class text messaging examples—including free gift with purchase, limited-time offers, and more—for inspiration on how to use SMS to maximize mobile revenue in 2021.

2020 proved to be huge for e-commerce, with online sales in the US predicted to reach $709 billion by the end of the year. And more than ever, shoppers turned to their smartphones to complete their online purchases. As mobile shopping continues to accelerate, brands have experimented with new and different ways to reach their audience.

To help provide inspiration, we looked back at recent text messaging examples sent by our customers. Here are a few of the most innovative ways retail and e-commerce brands used text messaging to engage their shoppers and drive revenue.

New product / back in stock

Notify your SMS subscribers about new products or back in stock items by sending them a text message with a direct link back to your website to immediately shop.

ELOQUII, the ultimate fashion destination for sizes 14-28, texted subscribers on Cyber Monday to let them know about new styles on sale.

They created a sense of urgency to shop by ending the message with “This jumpsuit = going FAST!” ELOQUII paired this language with a photo of the jumpsuit—a perfect outfit for the holiday season—and a direct link back to their website to quickly shop.

Days of deals

Encourage repeat website visits and purchases with a multi-day campaign that excites shoppers as they await each day’s new offer.

Revel Nail, an innovator of at-home dip powder and other nail products, launched their annual “12 Days of Revel” campaign to drive sales after Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Each day of their campaign offered subscribers a new deal, plus a free unique dip powder when they spent $10 or more.

To kick off “12 Days of Revel” via SMS, Revel Nail texted subscribers the day before to let them know the deals started the following day. They gave subscribers the chance to opt in for daily texts—specific to the campaign—by responding with REVELNAIL. Subscribers who responded were automatically added to a segment. This strategy ensured Revel Nail reached their most engaged, loyal subscribers each day of the campaign—and avoided fatiguing those who may not have been as engaged.

Limited-time offer

Take advantage of the instantaneous (and direct) nature of text messaging to quickly reach subscribers who are looking for time-sensitive offers from your brand.

Paper Source, a premier stationery retailer, sent text messaging subscribers a time-sensitive offer on Black Friday to “buy one, get one 50% off toys and games” for in-store shoppers. In the same message, Paper Source also encouraged safe at-home shopping by offering 25% off $75+ online purchases sitewide.

By offering two different deals, Paper Source gave their subscribers the opportunity to choose how to shop—whether online or in-store. By highlighting an omnichannel shopping experience, Paper Source ensured they stayed top-of-mind during the busy shopping week.

Abandoned cart reminder

Don’t miss out on high-intent shoppers. Send a triggered text message to remind subscribers about the items they left behind in their online cart, and make it as easy as possible for them to complete their purchase.

DIFF Eyewear, a socially conscious and charitable eyeglasses and sunglasses retailer, automatically sent a reminder to text messaging subscribers who had left items behind in their online shopping cart.

While the brand sends this type of triggered text message throughout the year, it was especially important during the holiday shopping season when the number of abandoned online carts increase due to consumers shopping around on many sites at the same time.

And, because this message was sent to subscribers automatically based on behavioral data, DIFF Eyewear didn’t have to do any extra work beyond the initial setup.

DIFF Eyewear included a picture of the item left behind and ended the message with a clear call to action to “complete your order before it sells out.” They ended the message with a direct link back to the abandoned cart, so shoppers could quickly complete their purchase.

Branded content

Not every marketing text message needs to include a promotion. Let subscribers know about special gifting options you’re offering, alternative ways to shop, or payment options like Afterpay.

Boot Barn, Western and work-related apparel retailer, sent SMS subscribers a text message introducing their “Same Day Gifting” option. This addition to their holiday offerings allows customers to shop online or in-store to find the perfect gift. Then, Boot Barn will gift wrap the purchase, add a personalized card from the giver, and deliver it—as long as the person receiving the gift is located within 20 miles of a store—all in the same day!

This type of offering is especially important this year, when many friends and families won’t be able to celebrate the holidays together.

And, letting consumers know about a new offering—such as free gift wrapping—through a direct, personal channel like text messaging helps ensure the message will be seen.

Sitewide sale

Text your subscribers to let them know about any sales you’re running, whether specific items or across your entire site. Create a sense of urgency by ending with a CTA like “shop now” or “don’t miss out.”

Fragrancenet.com, an online retailer of fragrances, skincare, makeup, and more, sent a text message to subscribers the Sunday before Cyber Monday to shop their 80% off sale.

The text message included a seasonally-relevant poem (“Twas the night before), what discount they could expect to receive (“up to 80% off”), and a clear but urgent call to action (“shop now”).

Sending an offer to shop a day before the big Cyber Monday sale is an effective way to make text messaging subscribers feel like VIPs, while driving incremental revenue.

Want to see even more best-in-class text messaging examples? Explore our roundup!

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