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Who we are

Through two-way, real-time, personalized communications, Attentive is reinventing business-to-consumer communication. Our marketing platform helps everyone from entrepreneurs to enterprises strengthen relationships with their consumers—making them feel understood, engaged, and informed.

Meet our team

Client Strategy

We create tailored programs to support and enable our customers, and prioritize building long-term relationships to help them achieve their strategic growth goals for years to come.

Be Tenacious
We focus on our customers, and have the determination to be the top choice in the market for them.
Collaborate and Grow
Our workplace atmosphere fosters growth and success due to our collaborative culture and supportive coworkers.
Utilize your Skillset
We value your creativity and intellect, and will trust and empower you to bring ideas to the table.


Whether it’s building tools to delight our customers, or developing infrastructure robust enough to withstand whatever we throw at it, we strive for engineering excellence in whatever we do.

Scale New Technology
We send billions of messages every month, and part of your role would be working on systems to be able to support and scale new technology.
Be Innovative
We’re always moving fast, iterating, and imagining new ways to problem-solve.
Make an Impact
Try hard, do your best, and always grow. Our platform is designed for high growth, so you’ll see exactly how your contributions affect our 8,000+ customers.


We're committed to providing our customers with user-friendly and enjoyable experiences while encouraging a culture of ongoing product advancement.

Make an Impact
Grow, iterate, create, and take ownership of products that have a sizable impact on our business.
Unlock the Market’s Potential
Enable customers to effortlessly connect with subscribers by solving for major challenges, tackling projects, and designing products that are likely to succeed.
Explore and Determine
Dive in to find out what customers think, and how the company is valued, and help shape where we’re going.


Responsible for all things legal, compliance, and privacy related, we work collaboratively and provide expert legal support in a wide variety of areas.

Be Entrepreneurial
With lots of room for proactive and creative solutions, you’ll contribute to the evolving culture and changing nature of the company and industry.
Help the Business Grow
Collaborate and act as a strategic partner across the business to support its journey and growth.


We partner with brands to help them find a solution that truly works by learning as much as we can about them, what challenges they face, and how they want to grow.

Push Boundaries
Exploration and growth are encouraged, so you’ll learn and gain expertise at every stage.
Build Relationships
Be part of a larger community of employees who empower and support one another.
Take Action
We're entrepreneurial in how we approach challenges, moving quickly but collaboratively and bringing others along for the ride.


We create high-impact programs and continually test new strategies to help brands achieve success at every stage of the customer journey.

Learn and Grow
Gain deep knowledge of a fascinating industry and a product you can believe in.
Create and Innovate
Use your creativity to bring new ideas and strategies to the table that help elevate our brand, educate our customers, and inspire the team.
Take Ownership
Grow, iterate, and own projects that have a sizable impact on our business.

Strategy and Operations

Crucial to our clients’ success, you’ll drive high-impact, strategic, and cross-functional projects across the company to help inform critical decision making and reinvent business-to-consumer communication.

Make an Impact
Work on interesting and high-priority projects, uncovering trends and insights to propel the business across all analytical functional areas.
Collaborate and Build
Help build our product analytics foundation in partnership with the Product and go-to-market teams, delivering insights on revenue initiatives critical to achieving the company's goals.


We partner with leaders and team members across Attentive to create an inclusive, rewarding, and engaging employee experience.

Get Flexibility and Support
Get the flexibility you need to be successful, with employee-driven total rewards to help you thrive.
Take Ownership and Grow
Make a sizable impact on the business and how we do our work as we continue to grow our team.
Join a Community
From our DEI&B initiatives to our investment in our hybrid work model, we’re creating a community of belonging, making sure everyone—no matter who they are or where they’re located—gets VIP treatment.


We’re extremely quantitative, highly analytical, and help support Attentive’s most important financial and strategic decisions.

Make a Difference
As a member of our team, you’ll be an imperative part of the company's financial health.Our tight-knit team collaborates with different functions and perspectives across the entire business.
Solve Interesting Problems
From capturing accurate data to forecasting and analyzing, you'll experience the evolution and impact of the company from an exclusive point of view, and never get bored.
Our core values

We’re building a platform and products we believe in, and these are the values we live and work by.

Be one unstoppable team
Rally as each other’s champions, harnessing collaboration, transparency, and diverse viewpoints to achieve remarkable outcomes together.
Default to action
Move swiftly and with purpose. We'll win by taking decisive action and aligning as a team on the most important and impactful opportunities.
Champion the customer
Our success is defined by our customers' success. Focus on understanding their needs to craft sustainable and extraordinary solutions.
Act like an owner
Take responsibility for Attentive’s success by acting as stewards of the business. Adopt a leadership mindset to build an enduring company together.
Perks and Benefits

Remote Work & Wellness Benefits

Medical, Dental, & Vision Insurance

Company Equity

Parental Leave

Generous PTO

Company-Wide Events & Employee-Led Activities

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Attentive and the partners that represent us will never ask for personal information such as government ID or banking information as part of the application process. If these are requested, it will occur after interviews and an employment offer has been accepted.