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Turn hungry browsers into frequent customers

Increase customer reach, drive repeat purchases, and boost app and loyalty signups with fast, easy-to-use SMS and email

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Engage, retain, and drive repeat visits with personalized messaging made easy

Convert subscribers into happy customers

Turn browsers and third-party platform users into engaged guests with easy-to-use data management tools. Get more subscribers in the door with targeted promotions, discounts, and menu updates. Increase foot traffic with location-specific messages sent to the right audiences at the right time.

Complement your loyalty program and drive app downloads

Get a thorough picture of customer preferences by easily aligning your loyalty, online ordering, and CDP platforms. Segment audiences and generate personalized messaging based on loyalty status, previous purchases, and more with advanced analytics and AI tools.

Create lifelong customers with personalized messaging

Deliver tailored, cross-channel messages that keep diners coming back. Increase revenue and gather valuable data by directing mobile-first customers to order through your app. Get the most out of your program with the hands-on support of our client strategy team, in-depth resources, and industry knowledge.

Get a complete view of your customers with over 100 integrations
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Discover how brands are using Attentive to expand their reach and increase loyalty
“People might look at the menu and think, ‘Oh, I’ll order this for lunch later.’ But then they get distracted. Reminding them to place their order is key.”
Rya Sanecki,
Sr. Digital Marketing Manager
Case Study
“It’s important to talk to our guests and not at them. One-to-one marketing is crucial in today’s world and SMS is the right program to allow us to talk to each guest personally.”
Morgan Rogers,
Director of Marketing
Case Study
“SMS is a channel where immediacy meets impact, turning our challenges into opportunities. We just knew that the Attentive team was in our court from the very beginning.”
Mason Sergent,
Digital & Content Manager
Case Study
Attentive helps top food and beverage brands in the US:
  • Increase in order frequency by 23%

  • Improve conversion rate by 4x

  • Reach more customers with a 97% read rate

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