Accelerate subscriber growth across SMS and email by 2x+

Launch sign-up units across channels, with patented two-tap technology

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Collect SMS subscribers quickly and compliantly

Attentive makes it easy to grow your list using on-brand sign-up units, so you can drive more revenue, right away. Use our patented two-tap technology and 2-in-1 sign-up units to simultaneously collect SMS and email subscribers, faster than any other platform.


SMS opt-ins


Email opt-ins


Faster list growth

Learn how top brands grow their subscribers with creative sign-up units

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Grow your subscriber list with Attentive

Turn visitors into engaged subscribers

  • Use display rules to determine when and where to show your sign-up units

  • Make it easy to subscribe with our patented two-tap technology

  • Collect valuable first- and zero-party data during opt-in

Two phones side by side. The left shows a sign-up unit for a beauty brand called Bonni Beauty. The right shows a pre-populated text that will sign the texter up. There is a yellow badge that says "Patented Two-Tap."

Design compliant sign-up units with just a few clicks

  • Use pre-built templates and create sign-up units optimized for any device

  • Upload your brand assets and customize to match your style

  • Identify and fix accessibility issues with our built-in ADA compliance tools

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Collect opt-ins across multiple channels

Choose from 30+ sign-up units to acquire subscribers across all your marketing touchpoints, including:

  • Web, landing pages, and email

  • Social media

  • E-commerce checkout and in-store

Three phones. The first shows a checkout page sign-up, the second shows an Instagram story sign-up for a candle brand, and the third shows a text-to-join sign up SMS conversation.

Analyze performance and refine over time

  • A/B test design elements, offers, and copy to continually improve performance

  • Track trends and see which sources are driving the most growth

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Terez doubles their SMS subscriber list after switching to Attentive

A phone showing an MMS message from Michaels. Two stats beside the phone that read $63 million plus total revenue driven and 20.8% average CVR on abandoned cart reminder text.
“We were specifically looking for a partner, and not just a vendor. Having someone to onboard us and give guidance on strategy is super important, and Attentive offered that.”
Morgan Spindler
Customer Lifecycle Manager
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