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Artificial Intelligence purpose-built for marketers

Magic Message

Create content in a few clicks

Instantly generate high-performing, customized copy that fits your brand voice, tone, and marketing needs. Use generative AI to transform your entire product catalog into a library of eye-catching, on-brand imagery for both email and SMS.

Automated Campaigns

Deliver better (and faster) results

Maximize campaign revenue with accurate segmentation that uses intelligence to predict the best performing content and send times for every audience. Schedule personalized, multi-touch experiences and recurring sends within minutes.

Magical Journeys

Trigger messages at the perfect moment

Surprise and delight customers with hyper-personalized messages via predictive targeting and triggered sends. Engage customers at moments of high-purchase intent with flexible tools to create smart, dynamic journeys.


Drive conversions through conversations

Deliver relevant, on-brand responses in seconds. Conversational AI acts as a digital store associate to guarantee customers with high-purchase intent receive the helpful and accurate replies they need throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Supercharge your workflows with AI trained on:

  • 1.4T+ customer touch points

  • 40B+ messages

  • 70+ verticals

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