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Maximize your e-commerce marketing strategy with the SMS and email platform designed for performance

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Engage shoppers, boost loyalty, and drive revenue with tailored messaging and timely, easy-to-launch campaigns

Turn visitors into loyal customers

Grow your web, social, in-store marketing lists with patented two-tap technology and 30+ sign-up units. Get to know your subscribers by easily gathering preference and engagement data with over 100 flexible integrations.

Personalize every shopper’s experience with AI

Send triggered messages to remind customers of abandoned carts or engage at the perfect moment for conversion. Optimize SMS and email with personalized messages for holidays, sales, new store openings, and more. Provide real-time support with conversational AI that acts as a digital store associate, removing barriers to purchase.

Scale your retail program to new heights

Rely on best-in-class client strategy support to seamlessly build, launch, scale. Send messages with complete confidence knowing compliance and deliverability tools have you covered—especially during the busiest and most important sales days of the year.

Connect Attentive to your marketing solutions to create a seamless experience with 100+ integrations
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Learn how retail brands are using Attentive to delight shoppers and increase loyalty
“Not all of us are very technical, so when we need to get something done, having a support team that can do it for us is key. The support we get from Attentive helps us produce messages quickly and get the revenue that we're looking for from SMS.”
Andrés Báez,
Sr. Digital Marketing Manager
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“Our messaging adapts to precisely fit the customer's place in their purchase journey, allowing us to tailor our CTA for maximum relevance.”
Kyra Stickford,
Marketing Retention Coordinator
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"It's been fascinating to see traffic patterns emerge as shoppers began to interact with us both online and in-store. Whether they’re on their phones or out and about,  they're ultimately connecting with us via SMS, driving engagement."
Stephanie Turner,
Director, Targeted Marketing
Case Study
Attentive powers SMS for over 27% of the top 1,000 retailers in North America, including:
  • 40% of the top apparel brands

  • 40% of the top jewelry brands

  • 33% of the top health and beauty brands

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