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Be confident your messages make it to your customers inboxes with industry-leading deliverability

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Send messages to your subscribers knowing they’ll be delivered

How many of your text messages actually reach your customers? With Attentive’s deliverability tools and services, know your messages will dependably be delivered, especially during peak periods.


Messages sent annually


Black Friday/Cyber Monday messages sent in 2022


Delivery rates

Engage (don’t annoy) your customers

Send messages to subscribers when they’re most likely to buy and least likely to opt-out. Use intelligent tools such as Smart Sending, Quiet Hours, and more to make sure you’re sensitive to time zones and never interrupting.

Reach customers wherever they are

The Attentive Deliverability Network partners with multiple aggregators and 80+ carriers to make sure you’re able to connect with customers around the world and your messages are always delivered—even during high traffic periods and peak holidays.

Turn SMS into your own, branded channel

Drive more revenue by becoming a trusted contact your customers want to hear from. Always reach the top of the inbox with features like contact cards that increase engagement and never leave you stuck on ‘read.’

Partner with the industry-leader in deliverability

Tools to help you meet legal requirements

Built-in compliance checks designed to help you grow your list with peace of mind.

Standard flows use double opt-in to re-affirm consent and validate phone number.

Patented two-tap sign up process for mobile; Reply Y for desktop.

Handle potential claims

Enhanced Audit Assistant helps you respond to TCPA complaints quickly and effectively with records of opt-in, opt-out message activity, and more.

Uphold best practices

Our team of full-time lawyers is dedicated to updating the Attentive platform in response to the changing regulatory and legal landscape.

Our Carrier Relations Team works with mobile carriers to inform our guidelines and thoroughly understand best practices around sending text messages.

Protect your SMS program and avoid litigation

Litigator Defender for TCPA automatically removes phone numbers known to be associated with SMS demands and/or lawsuits from subscriber lists.

Negative Sentiment Reminders guide subscribers indicating opt-out intent.

Informed & Involved

Built-in compliance checks designed to help you grow your list with peace of mind.

Attentive is one of the only SMS marketing platforms with a seat on the CTIA board and is a member of the CWTA, both of which help shape deliverability rules and regulations across the industry.

Maintain Compliance

Support, experience, and resources to protect your brand

Maintain customer trust and protect your brand from potential risk with Attentive Compliance. Our tools are built in throughout the user flow, so you can run your SMS program with peace of mind.


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