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Make every message feel personal

Reach your ideal audience with comprehensive profiles and precise targeting

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Boost engagement, increase revenue, and inspire loyalty

Capture critical subscriber data, easily

Quickly collect subscriber behavior with our custom tag designed to work with every major e-commerce storefront. Bridge subscribers across devices and sessions, resulting in hyper-personalized flows that drive engagement.

Build a complete picture of every customer

Use the Attentive Consumer Passport to automatically create detailed consumer profiles with zero- and first-party data, captured engagement, and more collected via various integrations. View the most relevant subscriber details directly within the platform to get a clear understanding of each customer.

Drive more sales with smarter segmentation

Get the right messages to the right customers with dynamic segmenting based on behaviors, demographics, and more. Pull from a library of pre-built segment templates (or create your own) to hit the ground running and maximize ROI, fast.


Increase in CVR when using one or more segments


Email and phone numbers collected


Customer data points collected

SMS Strategies

SMS Segmentation: Best Practices to Power Personalization

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Mented Cosmetics makes make-up easy with personalized messages


Total SMS Program ROI


of SMS subscribers have made 2+ purchases

“One of the biggest things we've enjoyed in Attentive is the data collection. As a business that doesn't have an in-house development team, we weren't able to implement data capture via our pop-ups as easily as we can now. This, alongside Attentive’s segmentation and message journey capabilities, has really boosted our overall data collection and ability to personalize how we reach subscribers across touchpoints.”
Lucy Kemish
Senior Global CRM Manager
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