Create two-way conversations that drive sales

With Attentive ConciergeTM, build one-to-one relationships at scale and drive sales with automated and human-powered messaging.

A phone mockup of a sms conversation between a brand called Arolucia and a customer


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Why add Concierge
to your text strategy

Attentive Concierge provides personalized, human-powered conversations no matter the size of your team. A live agent team will provide real-time human support that authentically reflects your brand values, tone, and messaging.

An illustration of a concierge bell in front of an abstracted concierge conversation. There is also an Attentive text bubble.

Strengthen Customer Loyalty

From first name greetings to customized offers, turn first-time visitors into loyal customers with personalized support at every stage.

Drive Revenue

Leverage customer data to power conversational messages throughout the purchase funnel. When consumers get replies, they spend over 50% more on average—and are more likely to buy again.

Scale Two-Way Communications

Give every customer a reason to keep coming back by providing real-time support to minimize friction around checkout, customer service, and more.

Reduce Support Tickets

Reduce your CX team’s backlog and provide a better customer experience by taking your response time from two days to two minutes.

Attentive’s Conversational
Commerce Solutions

Attentive provides tools for human powered and automated responses to consumers, engaging your customer in conversation at every step

Attentive Concierge

  • Expert live agents texting with your customers in real time, giving accurate responses that alleviate buyer hesitation.

  • Custom controls that keep Concierge agents always on-brand.

  • Consumers spend over 50% more on average when they get replies. Concierge helps you handle high-traffic to consistently delight your buyers.

An image showcasing a concierge conversation side by side with a phone mockup and a product screenshot.


  • On-site support powered by SMS and managed by our AI-assisted agents creates a seamless live chat experience.

  • Simultaneously grow your SMS subscriber list while reducing in-house support costs and increasing on-site conversions.

  • Bring the in-store experience to your customers on mobile by enabling visitors to have real-time conversations with your brand.

Automated Conversational Replies

  • Rules based auto response and interactions.

  • Send thoughtful messages at pivotal points in the customer lifecycle, like viewing a product, adding to cart, making a purchase, and more.

  • Add a custom attributes step to save data and create segments.

An image of a conversational text message journey alongside a phone sms conversation mockup.

Customer Results

An image containing percentages related to a sms conversation mockup. The conversation is between Little Words project and a customer.
“By offering dedicated customer support to every browsing customer via Attentive Concierge, we were able to convert more purchases and transform our site visitor journey into our top revenue driver.”
Lauren Bonfig
VP of Marketing
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