Attentive is Named BigCommerce's Preferred Partner

attentive and bigcommerce
Published on
Oct 13, 2021
Written by
Greg Bauman
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Thousands of BigCommerce merchants can now send personalized messages to their customers—without any additional technology resources.

Today, we’re excited to announce we’ve been named BigCommerce’s Preferred SMS-first Partner, giving more than 60,000 BigCommerce customers access to Attentive’s text messaging platform. BigCommerce customers can now seamlessly deploy the Attentive tag through the BigCommerce extension; Attentive is available through the BigCommerce App Marketplace. 

Our custom-built integration allows BigCommerce merchants to seamlessly deploy the Attentive tag into their extension, removing the requirement for them to build a custom implementation. Merchants can easily design and send targeted mobile messages and campaigns with A/B testing and time zone targeting, measure metrics to see what’s working, and automatically send customers timely messages that are triggered by their shopping and purchase behavior.

“We are thrilled to bring this integration to BigCommerce merchants and provide them the ability to send personalized text messages to their customers at scale, without the need for extra technology resources," said Allison Kelly, VP of Partnerships at Attentive. "Being an SMS-first platform allows us to build a product that can be used by merchants of all sizes, and we look forward to working with more BigCommerce companies.” 

“Our partnership with Attentive further illustrates our commitment to providing merchants access to the highest-caliber technologies and service providers available in the industry,” said Russell Klein, Chief Commercial Officer for BigCommerce. “Attentive shares our desire to help merchants sell more and grow faster to maximize success, and we look forward to working together to mutually support customers.”

BigCommerce Preferred Technology Partners are selected for offering best-in-class technologies, value, and superior customer service. Learn more about the partnership.

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