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Turn browsers into buyers with frictionless checkout built for mobile shopping

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Convert customers at the point of promotion

Start driving revenue across top use cases with Text-to-Buy

Use Text-to-Buy to:


Drive conversions on new product releases and promotions.


Encourage customers to easily reorder when they’re running low on their favorite product.


Capture previously lost revenue with automatic prompts including cart abandonment messages and more.

Fewer steps, faster checkout

The easiest way for your customers to buy from their phone

First-time shopper experience


First-time customers reply to a message to initiate their Shop Pay account authentication.

Enter Details

Once logged into Shop Pay, customers will be prompted to enter or confirm their billing and payment details.

Confirm & Pay

After a customer completes the checkout, their information is saved for future purchases.

Returning shopper experience


Returning customers reply to a message from your brand to initiate the checkout flow.


Once the customer confirms their billing and shipping information, their order is placed via text.

Streamline purchases

Built for mobile shoppers, from Attentive and Shopify

Fill carts, not forms

After signing into their Shop Pay account, customers’ information will be saved for future purchases.

Integrated with your Shopify store

All orders placed via SMS are automatically tracked and managed in your Shopify store.

Built with security in mind

Created by Shopify, Shop Pay is trusted by millions of businesses worldwide.

See Attentive in action

Drive more digital revenue with personalized mobile messaging.

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