Personalization for Every Customer, Made Simple. Attentive AI™ Is Here.

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Mar 19, 2024
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Amit Jhawar
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First, we pioneered SMS. Then we took on email. Now we’re helping marketers reimagine personalization in the AI age.  

1:1 marketing is in our DNA. Back in 2016, as most consumers began owning smartphones, we saw an opportunity to help brands reach them in real time, with personalized experiences. We pioneered the category of SMS marketing, giving brands the ability to send verified people messages throughout their customer journey that would get read and engaged with instantly. Consumers have become accustomed to this level of relevant messaging—so much so, they’ve come to expect it

But transforming mobile marketing wasn’t just about SMS—we could reimagine how marketers message across both SMS and email. Today, marketers need a platform that takes a giant leap forward, allowing them to hyper-personalize experiences in ways they’ve always dreamt of. That’s why over the past 18 months, we’ve taken what we’ve learned about personalization and orchestration and applied it to building the next generation of Attentive’s AI marketing platform. And over the next year, we’re investing tens of millions of dollars in AI development. 

Introducing the next evolution of our platform

Today I'm thrilled to share Attentive's next generation of powerful mobile marketing tools—powered by AI—to help brands create the highest-performing texts and emails. 

“The big differentiation that I believe Attentive’s approach has, versus anything else we've seen out there, is they’re the only ones trying to apply AI to literally do one on one personalized messaging. In terms of a journey, that means if we have 100,000 people come through our welcome series text, that's 100,000 unique one to one messages you're going to generate and send.”

- David Cost, VP of Digital and Ecommerce of Rainbow 

Mobile-first, multi-channel, and enterprise-grade, our AI platform is trained on over two trillion datapoints and 90 billion messages across more than 70 verticals. Our new AI Journeys and AI Pro tools build on that foundation, empowering leading brands to build smarter, more powerful SMS and email programs that deliver significantly higher performance. And, notably, they don’t require more resources or complicated workflows. 

Hundreds of iconic brands using Attentive AI™—including Forever 21, Reebok, Brooks Brothers, and Rainbow—are already unlocking incredible results:

  • 115% more revenue
  • 120% more clicks
  • 117% more purchases

The era of having to treat every customer the same is over. We’ve known it was coming, and with rapid developments in AI, we’re finally making it a reality. Here’s how. 

Attentive AI Essentials

Achieve true 1:1 personalization with AI Journeys 

Every shopper is unique, and so is their journey with your brand. AI Journeys automatically tailors every aspect of your triggered messages on your behalf, based on subscribers' evolving behavioral patterns. As a result, no two subscribers receive the same message. Every facet of your message—from the best time to send a message, how many messages to send, and what the content of the messages should be—is personalized for individual subscribers to achieve the highest possible engagement. 

Attentive AI Journeys

How it works: AI Journeys gathers intent data across a range of product and consumer attributes and interactions, including personal preferences, purchase history, products, and categories they've browsed. Plus, you’re able to track subscribers and other visitors outside the traditional cookie window, allowing you to trigger the right journey at the right time. 

Using all of this rich data and combining it with the trillions of datapoints we’ve trained our proprietary models on enables AI Journeys to create a message in real time, without any effort on your end. From the image you include and the tone and length of your message, to what link you point to, our AI will craft every component based on your brand’s tone and voice–dramatically increasing customer engagement. 

Enhance messaging performance with AI Pro

AI Pro helps marketers maximize messaging revenue by identifying more of your brand’s on-site traffic, increasing what they know about each subscriber, and uncovering subscribers who are likely to buy but aren't currently included in existing segments. From writing content that resonates and creating the right audiences to finding the perfect send times on your behalf, our tools will help you fine-tune every message and increase your ROI. 

Attentive AI Pro

How it works: AI Pro optimizes who you're targeting in every campaign by recognizing subscribers at a higher rate, so you can get the most out of every message you send. AI Pro automatically adjusts who is in your audience, adding in high-intent people that you've missed and excluding those unlikely to purchase, so that you can maximize your revenue.

Then, to make sure your message hits its mark, AI Pro also determines the best time to send each message to every subscriber, and crafts optimized and on-brand content, using the same innovative technology powering AI Journeys. 

We’re building a turnkey AI marketing platform that takes care of the complexities and heavy lifting of data analytics, AI models, and integrations so marketers can focus on the big picture—marketing strategy, brand, and the sort of creative thinking that will make them stand out. 

Want to learn more about what Attentive AI can do for your brand? Join our waitlist. 

PS: We’re hiring machine learning engineers, data analysts, and product managers to continue to build and innovate on these game-changing tools. Join our team.