New York, NY
March 16, 2022

81% of consumers subscribe to text messages from at least one brand for personalized and frictionless experiences

Survey results from Attentive point to a future of conversational commerce supporting the entire customer buying experience

New York, NY -- March 16, 2022 -- A new report from Attentive finds that conversational commerce is the bridge that connects the top three shopping experiences which matter most to consumers: convenience, hybrid shopping, and loyalty perks. With more than 5,000 survey responses, the report revealed consumers are increasingly opting in to receive text messages from brands as 81% subscribe to at least one brand via SMS. 

Within the last three months, 63% of survey respondents who subscribe to a brand made a purchase from a text message, indicating consumers are more likely to be engaged with a brand if they are opted into SMS. Furthermore, they expect interactions with brands to be conversational, as 90% of consumers expect fast response time and over 74% expect a direct response from a real person. 

Conversational commerce is defined by interactive, people-driven experiences that support the entire customer buying experience, converging text messaging and shopping. These conversations work towards a point of conversion or commerce—from awareness and product discovery, to consideration and asking questions, to customer service, and post-purchase. 

“The mobile device is the new storefront for brands,” said Sara Varni, CMO of Attentive. “With a decrease in physical store presence, businesses are trying to figure out how to create a high touch experience in a digital world. Conversational commerce meets customers where they are —on their phones—and now brands can deliver that same curated and personal experience through two-way messaging.” 

Highlights from The State of Conversational Commerce in 2022 include:

Convenience has evolved

How consumers think of convenience, in terms of shopping, has expanded and become more personal. It’s become more than just delivery speed; and now includes access, seamless buying experience, and meeting customer expectations. Businesses need to understand which aspects of convenience matter most to their customers and meet them there.

Hybrid shopping is here to stay

Almost all respondents (89%) reported participating in hybrid shopping, or the use of both in-store and online elements when buying, to get access to information and receive assistance with decision-making. Text message marketing has the opportunity to augment and scale in-store clienteling relationships, for brands to bring curation and customer service into the consumer’s phone. 

Loyalty has leveled up   

Almost 86% of survey respondents are opted into at least one VIP or loyalty program in exchange for perks and priority access. When there is clear incentive, consumers are more willing to directly share their preferences and needs for immediate value, which are the building blocks to zero party data. 

Conversational commerce is the connector between convenience, hybrid shopping, and loyalty perks – three pillars that matter to today’s consumers. See here for the full report and methodology.


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