Attentive Acquires SMS Company, Tone, to Advance Conversational Messaging Capabilities

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Jun 9, 2021
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Brian Long
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We’re excited to welcome Tone to the Attentive family to help us fully realize our vision for 1:1 conversations at scale, with Attentive Concierge. 💬🎉 

We believe that when someone engages with a brand, it should be a highly personalized experience. We’ve built our platform with a focus on delivering personalized SMS messages to consumers, with the vision for those messages to evolve into 1:1 conversations at scale. Today, we’re excited to share that we’ve acquired the leading two-way conversational SMS platform, Tone, to help us further realize this vision. 

The Tone team has built a platform focused on lightning fast, human-to-human interactions and establishing relationships between brands and the consumers who love them. For e-commerce and retail brands, understanding what is important to an individual consumer and how to fulfill their needs in a timely manner results in higher revenue and customer satisfaction. Our recent mobile marketing study showed that over 70% of consumers want to ask brands questions via text—and they expect to get answers in real-time.

Building upon Tone's AI and people-powered conversational platform will improve the speed, breadth, and availability of Attentive's two-way messaging functionality, and will allow us to more quickly deliver our Attentive Concierge product. Even more exciting, is that soon we’ll be bringing the Attentive Concierge product to more customers!

“The alignment between Attentive and Tone goes deeper than SMS,” said Tivan Amour, CEO and co-founder of Tone. “Consumers expect the brands they love to not only meet them where they are–on their mobile devices–but talk to them in a human voice, literally. By joining forces with Attentive, we’ll be providing marketing and cx leaders an even more seamless way to do just that.”

We know how important conversational and live text is to our customers. Today, Attentive’s two-way messaging products include triggered, campaign, transactional messages, along with customer service integrations. The Attentive Concierge product will be able to deliver AI and human-assisted replies at scale across campaigns, triggered messages, and live text.

In addition to welcoming the Tone team, we’re so excited to welcome Tone’s thousands of customers to Attentive and help them take advantage of our comprehensive SMS marketing capabilities to grow their businesses.

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