Meet Attentive AI™: Automated and Integrated Artificial Intelligence

Introducing Attentive AI—automated and integrated AI features for SMS and email
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Product News
Published on
Mar 27, 2023
Written by
Brian Long
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Powerful new tools to help you take the guesswork out of creating and sending top-performing campaigns across SMS and email

Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Attentive AI™. Trained on over 1.4 trillion datapoints from 40+ billion messages across 70+ verticals, Attentive AI brings together the next generation of tools in our platform: Magic Message, which leverages generative AI for message creation, and Automated Campaigns to take the manual work out of planning, testing, and sending high-performing campaigns. 

The features we’re introducing today are going to save you and your team hours of time and deliver even better (and faster) results.

Generate GIFs and images for SMS 

One of the features of Magic Message that immediately blew me away when I saw it was Image Generation for SMS (beta). Use it to quickly modify images from your product catalog to fit your latest SMS campaign, including matching color palette, tone, and orientation. It not only extends the life of your product images, but can help you test what resonates with your audience most.

Magic Message Image Generation for SMS

Create images for email 

Magic Message isn’t limited to SMS. Image Generation for Email (beta) helps you transform your concepts into visually appealing email imagery, rather than spend hours creating or finding the right visual. 

Magic Message Image Generation for Email

Write performant SMS copy with just a few clicks

Magic Message uses AI to transform the way you write copy, too. Our Copy Assistant for SMS (beta) taps into Attentive’s historical performance data to generate high-performing copy tailored for any audience or goal you want to reach (whether it’s engaging shoppers over a holiday or giving VIPs early access to a new product). 

Magic Message Copy Assistant for SMS

Automatically set and schedule your SMS and email campaigns 

Automated Campaigns (beta) uses anonymized insights from the highest-performing marketing moments across Attentive’s customer base and automatically creates full, multi-channel campaigns with just one click. Plus, it can quickly build refined and accurate segments—and identify the best time to send—so you know your message is reaching the right shopper’s inbox at the exact right time. Every output is customizable, so you can use it as-is or as a jumping-off point.

Automated Campaigns for SMS and Email

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