Attentive Debuts Signature "Two-Tap" Sign-Up Technology Within Instagram Stories

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Apr 3, 2020
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Omo Tseumah
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Attentive’s new list growth tool leverages our signature “two-tap” sign-up technology within Instagram Stories to help businesses quickly grow their text messaging subscriber lists through a new channel.

Digital marketers are always looking for new ways to grow and engage their social media following and drive more engagement between their audience and brand. One social media channel, Instagram Stories, which is used by half a billion people daily, houses the most engaged users on the platform. And now, Attentive is making it easier than ever to tap into this audience.

As social distancing guidelines extend and people are spending more time at home, they’re staying connected through social media. Verizon has reported a 20% week over week increase in web traffic, and overall social media consumption has increased 40% within the 18-35 age demographics.

Now more than ever, if Instagram isn’t part of your brand’s social strategy it should be, specifically Instagram Stories: in the last few weeks Instagram Story impressions have increased 21%.

Using Instagram Stories to grow a list of text messaging subscribers

Attentive now offers the functionality to seamlessly convert your dedicated Instagram followers into text messaging subscribers—and build a net-new audience through Instagram—with our newly launched “SMART links,” the technology we’ve developed to make list growth within Instagram Stories possible. Attentive allows brands to leverage the increased engagement on Instagram to grow a subscriber list and drive clicks, conversions, and interactions with personalized mobile messages. Marketers who use Attentive see 30%+ click-through rates and 25x+ ROI on their mobile messaging programs.

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“Our new Instagram Stories sign-up feature allows brands to leverage their Instagram following to effectively grow a list of loyal text messaging subscribers through a new channel, in addition to their e-commerce site,” said Attentive’s Co-Founder & CEO, Brian Long. “With social media usage on the rise, now is the perfect time to find and engage your customers where they’re spending their time.”

Whether you’re working with influencers who have a devoted and highly engaged audience, a marketer who’s building an organic social strategy, or utilizing sponsored Instagram Stories, growing your subscriber list with Instagram allows you to better acquire, retain, and interact with your mobile audience—driving more revenue for your business.

As a brand with social media at the core of our marketing strategy, the ability to utilize Instagram Stories to grow our text messaging subscriber list has been instrumental. Attentive has been a great partner, and we’re very excited about this new channel to grow our subscribers. The high opt-in rates make Instagram Stories Swipe-up a necessity in our overall list growth strategy.

Allie Rose
Digital Marketing Assistant at Anthropologie

In addition to highly effective desktop and mobile creatives on e-commerce sites, Instagram Stories is yet another way for marketers to capture a highly engaged social audience and tap into influencer networks to expand reach and drive incremental revenue.

We’re helping empower brands and marketers to continuously build deeper relationships with their current customers, as well as acquire new customers who value the brand and its story.

Interested in growing your subscriber list with Instagram Stories? Reach out to your Client Strategy Manager or request a demo to get started.

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