Integration Spotlight: Gorgias + Attentive

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Sep 18, 2019
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Lisa Khoury
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Attentive’s integration with Gorgias, an all-in-one helpdesk for Shopify merchants, improves customer experiences and drives even more revenue for retail and e-commerce brands.

Attentive is excited to announce our integration with Gorgias, a leading customer support helpdesk solution specially designed for Shopify stores. Through this integration, retail and e-commerce brands on Shopify can ensure their customers are getting the best support experience possible, whenever and wherever they need it, by enabling their customer support teams to directly answer customers’ requests sent via text message.

“We are thrilled to partner with Gorgias to empower our clients to directly and instantly resolve customer needs, resulting in more revenue,” said Jordan Sucher, Product Manager at Attentive. “We’ve found that Attentive clients who quickly respond to shoppers’ inquiries received via text messaging are driving 31% more spend from customers who receive replies vs. those who do not.”

How it works

Brands can choose between automatically forwarding all messages to their customer support team or having shoppers confirm they would like assistance.

  1. Message forwarding: All text messages received from a customer are automatically forwarded to your customer support team queue in Gorgias so they can quickly assist the customer with their request.
  2. Support confirmation: Connect shoppers to a customer support representative when they need it the most. After a customer responds with a text message, they will be prompted to confirm they want to be connected with a customer support representative for assistance.

“Our team at Gorgias is excited to expand our partnership with Attentive. Through this integration, we’re strengthening the relationship between brands and their consumers and empowering them to communicate more easily, quickly, and effectively, creating a more seamless mobile shopping experience,” said Philippe Roireau, Head of Business Development & Partnerships at Gorgias.

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