Attentive Product Spotlight: Date Collection, Custom Attributes, and More

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Aug 10, 2023
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Robert Lorenzen
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Start driving (even more) personalized conversations with newly-launched features we introduced at our quarterly customer event.

Personalization is at the top of every marketer’s mind today. And with 68% of consumers saying that they would switch brands to a competitor for a more personalized experience, the stakes are high. 

SMS is a highly effective channel for delivering personalized experiences because it offers the possibility for two-way conversations with consumers. When we surveyed 5,000+ consumers around the world about how they want to interact with brands, 88% said they would strike up a conversation to learn more about a product.

Last week at Beyond the Message, our quarterly product and customer showcase, we shared how Attentive is helping marketers engage their customers in personalized, 1:1 conversations, and unveiled some of the newest features and enhancements to our platform. Here are the highlights.

Drive conversations that convert with Attentive Concierge™ powered by Attentive AI™

attentive ai gif

When you shop in a store, an associate will often greet you and answer any questions you may have, helping to remove any obstacles on the path to purchase.

E-commerce stores don't offer the same level of customer service, which can lead to lost sales. A consumer may have a question about size, fit, color, shipping, or any number of things, and there isn’t a digital equivalent of the in-store associate. Traditional support channels like chatbots and service desks don’t provide the level of personalized, high-touch, and real-time responsiveness needed to close the sale.

Enter Attentive Concierge, now powered by Attentive AI. Concierge drives conversions by answering customer questions in real time, 24/7. The machine learning model that powers Concierge is trained on 1.4 trillion customer interactions and performance data from 40B+ messages, ensuring responses are fast, on brand, and effective. The learning engine can also deliver personalized product recommendations to up-sell and cross-sell.

Concierge powered by Attentive AI is currently in beta. If you’re interested in learning more, sign up for our waitlist and our team will reach out to you.

Message subscribers on key dates that are unique to them

Engaging customers on important dates–like birthdays and wedding anniversaries–is a great way to make your message feel incredibly personal and timely.

Our new date collection tools allow you to capture, segment, and trigger messages using dates stored as custom attributes. This has been one of our customers’ most requested features, and we’re excited to add it to your toolkit.

Date collection is generally available today.

Save time creating personalized campaigns with custom macros

custom macros examples

Another highly requested feature that's now available in our platform is content personalization using custom attributes.

You can now write messages using macros that pull customer data stored in the Attentive platform as custom attributes. For example, you can create a campaign message for your next sale that references your customers’ product preferences.

We’ve also built tools that ensure you avoid personalization fails like Hi {First.Name}. You can preview messages using real subscriber data and set up fallback values.

Macros for custom attributes are generally available today. If you’re interested in testing them, please reach out to your CSM.

Capture high-purchase intent shoppers with back-in-stock waitlists

back in stock example

It’s a bummer when you discover an amazing product online from your favorite brand, only to find that it is out of stock. We’ve all been there.

And while this may feel like a missed opportunity for the brand, it can serve as an avenue for growing your subscriber list.

Our new back-in-stock waitlist lets shoppers sign up for notifications via SMS and email when a particular product is available again. The Attentive platform automatically triggers a sign-up experience for shoppers who have yet to subscribe to your program. When your new inventory arrives, Attentive triggers messages notifying subscribers on the waitlist.

Back-in-stock waitlist is in early development right now. If you’re interested in testing it, please reach out to your CSM.

Boost your list growth with all-new sign-up units

sign up units example

Strong list growth is crucial to achieving a high-performing SMS marketing program. And yet, our survey of 900 marketers revealed that 55% of them struggle with list growth.

Our team is constantly coming up with creative ideas and strategies to unlock new audiences, increase conversion rates, and drive more sign-ups for your program. We’re working on some innovative sign-up units, including:

  • Tap to reveal mystery offer
  • Countdown timer
  • Gift offer

Reach out to your CSM for the latest timelines and to be added to our waitlist.

If you missed the virtual event or want to rewatch the product updates, customer stories, and strategy sessions, check out the full recording.

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