Attentive Product Spotlight: New AI Tools, Email Enhancements, and Core SMS Features

q4 product update
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Product News
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Oct 25, 2023
Written by
Robert Lorenzen
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Increase campaign performance with AI-powered retargeting, optimize your email program, and accelerate list growth with new tools.

Last week, we hosted our quarterly customer event, Beyond the Message, showcasing our latest and greatest product innovations, areas of investment as a company, and inspiring customer success stories. 

In addition to continuing to enhance the capabilities of our Core SMS platform, our team has spent the last quarter working to make our AI and Email products work harder for you, and helping you get even more from your data–thanks to new strategic integrations. Here are the highlights.

Save time and capture potentially lost revenue with AI-powered retargeting

ai retargeting

Customers who send a follow-up text message to those who engaged but didn’t buy see a 27% increase in revenue and 7% higher ROI*. The challenge with retargeting is that it takes time to create these messages––time that most marketers don’t have in normal times, not to mention in the leadup to BFCM.

We built Auto-Retargeting Campaigns using the power of Attentive AI™ to make it easier to re-engage your subscribers, without putting the onus on you to do all the heavy lifting. With just a few clicks, AI will automatically craft a message, segment your audience, and select a send time. All you need to do is review the details and click send.

Auto-Retargeting Campaigns are generally available today.

Combine your email and SMS efforts and improve performance with Attentive Email enhancements

email templates

Email and SMS play to each other’s strengths. And when you’re competing for your customers’ attention, it’s critical that these programs are coordinated. Attentive Email is built around the rich identity of a phone number, and when used in partnership with SMS, it enables you to reach more of your loyal customers, collect more meaningful data, and give your customers the experience they’re looking for. 

Performance is a big focus for us, and this year, we’ve shipped over 35 new email features. Here are just a few improvements we’ve made to make your workflow more efficient:

  • Synced Rows: Apply edits to evergreen components across email journeys and templates, without having to manually edit each one.
  • Product Feeds: Use filters to specify which items are eligible for product recommendations in your emails.

These new email enhancements are generally available today.

Accelerate list growth during your busiest time with new SMS sign-up units

sms sign up

All year round, but especially now, SMS can help you make the most of your web traffic

Our team has also been hard at work creating new and innovative tools to help you engage your website visitors and capture more site traffic ahead of your busiest season. These include:

  • Gamified Sign-Up Units: Drive higher conversion rates by implementing experiences like tap to reveal your welcome offer, a countdown timer for upcoming product launches that asks shoppers to enroll for updates, or a mystery welcome offer that doesn’t appear until after opt-in.
  • Pre-engagement Step: Increase the likelihood a visitor will engage by asking a simple yes or no question like “Would you like a 10% discount?” before requesting their email or phone number. 
  • Social Proof: Show visitors they’re in good company when they sign up to receive your SMS or email welcome offer by highlighting how many others have already signed up. 

These list growth tools are currently in beta. Reach out to your CSM if you’re interested in trying them out and you haven’t done so already, make sure you’re using the fullscreen mobile sign-up unit on your site.

Personalize your journeys to drive higher performance with all-new enhancements

journeys enhancement

Customers who personalize their journey messages see a 20% increase in ROI. Inspired by these results, our team has been hard at work building more tools to make your triggered SMS messages relevant for your customers.

Recent enhancements to SMS journeys include:

  • Cart Link Macros: Increase the conversion rate for your abandon cart journey by embedding a link that allows shoppers to pick up exactly where they left off.
  • Re-subscriber Welcome Messages: Personalize your welcome message for subscribers who have come back to your program to make them feel back at home
  • Journey Scheduler: Automatically push updates to your Journeys live without having to manually press the button at midnight and ensure your triggered messages are always relevant to shoppers.

All of these enhancements to SMS Journeys are currently available today.

Encourage customers to write reviews with our new Bazaarvoice integration

bazaarvoice integration

Shoppers who write positive reviews help you carry the momentum into the next year. And our new integration with Bazaarvoice, a leading platform for user-generated content,  lets you encourage advocates to write reviews via SMS and email. 

With this integration, you can:

  • Automatically request reviews via SMS and email in your post-purchase and transactional shipping journeys
  • Thank your loyal customers for their reviews with special offers
  • Nurture your community of advocates by using review data to segment your SMS and email lists

The Bazaarvoice integration is in beta right now. Reach out to your CSM or request a demo if you’re interested in trying it out.

*Attentive internal analysis of retargeting campaigns 2022-2023.

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