Attentive Product Spotlight: More Powerful AI, List Growth Tools, and More

Attentive Product Spotlight: New AI Products, List Growth Tools, and More
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Product News
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Apr 2, 2024
Written by
Robert Lorenzen
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Take your SMS and email program to new heights with true 1:1 personalization powered by AI and engaging sign-up experiences.

Last week, we hosted our semi-annual customer event, Beyond the Message, showcasing our latest and greatest product innovations, areas of investment as a company, and inspiring customer success stories. 

We gave attendees a closer look at AI Journeys and AI Pro, the next generation of Attentive AI. We also shared enhancements to both our core SMS platform, as well as Attentive Email.

Drive higher performance with hyper-personalized SMS and email

Personalize customer experiences with Attentive AI

Consumers have high expectations. In fact, they’ve come to expect personalized experiences–so much so, that 68% will switch to a competitor that offers a higher level of personalization.

Yet, 71% of marketers still rely on batch and blast messaging. Even though we’ve been talking about it for over 10 years now, it’s still hard to deliver personalization at scale. Most brands have legacy technology that makes delivering personalization an incredibly manual process. For every message, marketers need to write copy, create segments, select send times, and so much more. True 1:1 messaging just isn’t possible with this rules-based approach.

Our new AI products completely change how marketers can approach personalization:

  • With AI Journeys, you can create individually tailored messages for each subscriber in real time. Our proprietary, pre-trained models and deep subscriber insights allow you to maximize revenue by delivering hyper-personalized experiences based on behavioral data.
  • AI Pro takes your messaging performance to the next level. By recognizing more site visitors and targeting audiences with the highest purchase intent, you can send messages at the ideal time for each subscriber. No more guesswork or wasted efforts. AI Pro ensures that every message hits its mark, increasing your ROI and driving more revenue.

Both AI Journeys and AI Pro are in a closed beta today. Sign up for the waitlist to be first in line to try these innovative new AI products.

Help customers find the perfect product with AI-powered recommendations

Drive product discovery with Attentive AI

People are using their phones more and more to shop. In fact, over 78% of shopping happens on mobile phones. But consumers aren’t spending much time on each page when they're shopping on their phones–typically visiting only about 2.3 pages per shopping session. 

This means that it's really important for marketers to make sure that the product recommendations they show to mobile shoppers are highly relevant. If they're not, shoppers will quickly lose interest and move on.

To help marketers match consumers with the right products for them, with every message, we’ve added two powerful capabilities to Attentive Email:

  • Product Feeds: Allow marketers to tailor recommendations to the content of their emails with enhanced levels of control over which products are featured as recommendations.
  • AI Product Recommendations (Coming Soon): Use behavioral data, demographics, product metadata, and inventory levels to deliver hyper-personalized recommendations.

AI Product Recommendations is currently in development and Product Feeds are generally available today. Reach out to your CSM or request a demo if you’re interested in trying it out.

Accelerate list growth with innovative sign-up experiences

Accelerate list growth with personalized experiences

Our internal survey of more than 900 marketers revealed that over half of them (55%) struggle to drive list growth.

As a pioneer in SMS and mobile marketing, Attentive has always focused on delivering the highest performance list growth tools to maximize your site’s traffic. That’s why we developed the patented two-tap mobile technology over 7+ years ago to make it as seamless and fast for your site visitors to convert into loyal subscribers.

Our team hasn’t stopped innovating and we’ve recently built two new tools to take your list growth to the next level:

  • Dynamic Sign-up on PDP Pages: Provide more visibility for your welcome offer by displaying it on your product pages right next to product pricing, giving consumers a better understanding of the savings they would get by sign-up for text messages.
  • Countdown Timer: Use urgency to drive more conversions by encouraging visitors to sign up for early access to your next sale or product drop.

Dynamic Sign-up on PDP Pages is currently in beta and, right now, only available for customers using Shopify. Countdown Timer is now generally available. Reach out to your CSM or request a demo if you’re interested in trying it out.

Turn your shoppers into loyal advocates with our new Bazaarvoice integration

Buil loyalty with Attentive's integration with Bazaarvoice

According to a recent survey from Bazaarvoice, most consumers (78%) consider product reviews to be the most significant factor in influencing their purchase decisions. 

Our new integration with Bazaarvoice, a leading platform for user-generated content, lets you encourage advocates to write reviews via SMS and email

With this integration, you can:

  • Automatically request reviews via SMS and email in your post-purchase and transactional shipping journeys
  • Thank your loyal customers for their reviews with special offers
  • Nurture your community of advocates by using review data to segment your SMS and email lists

The Bazaarvoice integration is generally available. Reach out to your CSM or request a demo if you’re interested in trying it out.

Transform your product images into engaging GIFs

Create engaging product GIFs in seconds

In today’s world of memes and online content, nothing captivates audiences quite like a good GIF.

Make your next MMS send more engaging by turning pictures of your best sellers, new collection, sale items, or brand photography into a GIF in just a couple of clicks.

The GIF generator is currently in an open beta. Any customer can try it out today or request a demo if you’re interested in learning more.

Missed the event or want to rewatch? Tune in on demand. 

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