Attentive Product Spotlight: Concierge, Subscriber Profiles, and Magical Journeys

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Jun 30, 2022
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Deja Amato
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From people-powered messaging to unified subscriber profile views, our newest features and integrations will help you create a more personalized SMS experience.

No matter your goal—whether that’s growing your subscriber list or gaining valuable first-party data—we’re excited to show you some new ways you can use Attentive to make a positive impact on your marketing efforts. 

Take advantage of these recently-released features and integrations to improve targeting, accelerate growth, and drive more sales.

Have personalized, people-powered conversations at scale

conversational text example with Attentive Concierge

Never let subscriber texts go unanswered, and maximize key touchpoints across the customer lifecycle with Attentive Concierge™. This new people-powered SMS tool lets you scale two-way conversations with subscribers. Our live agents act as extensions of your marketing and support teams to help you build personal connections with your audience, drive sales, and boost brand loyalty.

Agents handle inbound SMS requests to complement your customer experience (CX) team. With Attentive Concierge, you’ll be able to reduce your support backlog, while adding a more personal touch to interactions with subscribers who show buying intent, or who may have questions that need to be answered before they complete their purchase.

Optimize your SMS program with a unified view of each subscriber

subscriber profile example on a phone

Attentive is delivering a whole new way to use your data with Subscriber Profiles. This tool makes it easier for you to collect and interpret valuable first-party and zero-party information for each unique subscriber. 

Use this new view of your audience to drill down into each subscriber’s recent offers, message engagement, purchase history, and more to identify patterns and inform your marketing strategy.

Accelerate list growth with advanced targeting

phone showing how to edit display rules for SMS sign-up unit

Create a more personalized sign-up experience, improve targeting, and optimize the onsite experience for each visitor with advanced sign-up display rules. 

You can choose when and where your sign-up unit will show up (and who will see it) using cookies, UTM parameters, and referral URLs. Further improve the conversions of your sign-up units with any of the following display rules:

  • Scroll delay
  • Pop-up timer
  • Exit intent
  • URL show/hide lists
  • [New] UTM parameters
  • [New] Referral URL
  • [New] Cookie detection

Reach specific audiences with timely, triggered messages

example of how to choose a segment for a text message send

With Magical Journeys, you can combine the power of segmentation and triggered messaging to send unique and highly relevant SMS experiences to targeted audiences.

Optimize a triggered workflow for groups of subscribers who meet specific conditions, such as VIPs eligible for a reward, or subscribers celebrating a birthday or anniversary. 

These types of messages can help you retain high-profile subscriber segments by rewarding them after they’ve made multiple purchases. Or, send this type of message to one-time buyers to make them feel special and encourage repeat purchases.

Supercharge your marketing by connecting to other tools

image of Attentive's App Marketplace for text message integrations

Connect Attentive with the other tools you’re already using—like your e-commerce, CDP, and loyalty platforms—to make your marketing efforts go even further (in less time, and with fewer resources). We’ve recently introduced 17 new integrations that work seamlessly with Attentive, including:

Discover over 70 tools that work seamlessly with Attentive in our new App Marketplace.

Sign in to your Attentive account to try out these new features and updates today.

Not using Attentive yet? Sign up for a free trial to see why 5,000+ brands rely on us to create personalized experiences at scale.

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