Attentive Product Spotlight: Spin to Win, Cinematic Messages, and New Journeys

attentive product spotlight for march 2022
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Mar 31, 2022
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Deja Amato
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From gamified experiences to zero-party data collection, our newest features will help you get even more out of your SMS marketing efforts.

Whether you’re looking to grow your list, leverage SMS as a way to build your brand, or drive more engagement with your subscribers, Attentive can help you make the most of this powerful and personal channel. We’re always building new products and features, and we’re excited to share what’s new in Attentive with you.

Gamify the sign-up experience with Spin-to-Win

spin-to-win sign-up units

Spin-to-Win sign-up units help you drive more engagement and faster list growth by making it fun and gamified for potential subscribers to opt-in.

Site visitors are encouraged to “spin” for an offer that can be used towards their purchase, in exchange for subscribing to email and SMS alerts. Some of our customers are using this sign-up method to grow their email list, too. Since activating Spin-to-Win sign-up units, Casely’s list growth conversion rate has increased by 60%.

Collect valuable zero- and first-party data at sign-up

SMS marketing preference collection at sign-up

The ability to collect zero- and first-party data is becoming more and more valuable. Using Preference Collection forms as part of the opt-in experience, you can gather subscriber information—like gender and content/shopping preferences—to create more targeted interactions.

Asking your subscribers about their preferences helps you better understand them and deliver the experiences they’re looking for.  You can use that information to create sophisticated segments and personalize your future SMS interactions.

Send audio and video messages to drive revenue

video message sent through SMS marketing

With cinematic messages, you can enhance your SMS marketing strategy by sending audio and video messages that boost sales, awareness, and engagement on all device types.

Create shareable content that’s unique to your SMS channel. These rich customer experiences drive ROI and feel more exclusive to increase subscriber retention.

Optimize your automated messages with product data

example of a price drop text message

Make your SMS channel even more powerful, and increase purchase consideration with new journeys. These are based on product data you’ve collected from subscribers, and retail events like restocking a product or launching a sale. 

Use this dynamic product data to automate timely alerts that drive higher ROI—like letting subscribers know when a product they’re interested in is back-in-stock, has low inventory, or price has dropped.

Analyze performance with easily digestible dashboards

analytics dashboard for SMS marketing

Our new analytics dashboard provides an easy way to view and analyze metrics—without spending time in a spreadsheet or pulling reports—so you can quickly understand what’s working (and what’s not).

With performance snapshots, you can quickly spot key trends and optimize your SMS strategy, even when you’re on the go. 

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