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Sep 14, 2021
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Allison Kelly
Allison is Attentive’s VP of Partnerships. When logged off from Attentive, she’s a super-mom of 3 daughters, theme park adventurist, and avid beer connoisseur.

Since Attentive’s text message platform launched in 2016, SMS has become a pivotal channel for brands. As of this year, 96% of marketers say that SMS has helped drive more revenue for their business, and nearly 60% say that revenue increase has been “significant” and even “overwhelming.”

Attentive is incredibly proud to be leading the way in driving this impact for the brands we’re lucky to work with. But we haven’t done it by chance, nor have we done it alone. Attentive has heavily and consistently invested in our people, our platform, and our partners. And today, we are excited to announce a number of meaningful enhancements to our partner program that will help Attentive’s partners—and customers—continue to stay ahead of the curve. 

Updates for Agency and Referral Partners

SMS is arguably the fastest-growing marketing channel in the industry, and Attentive's partners are at the forefront of this space. Today, we're introducing a new tiering structure and naming convention to reflect our partners’ expertise and align with our collective goal of  “pioneering” innovative, industry-leading SMS solutions. 

Attentive agency and referral partners are now identified with strengthened names and are offered the following unique benefits:

  • Pioneer: Attentive Pioneers are our most established, elite performance agency partners, trusted by leading brands to create exceptional customer experiences that drive revenue and loyalty. These partners receive exclusive benefits, including increased strategy support, preferred listing on our partner directory, high-value co-marketing opportunities, and prioritized leads.

  • Prodigy: Attentive Prodigy Partners help clients win with deep expertise in e-commerce and marketing technologies. These partners receive best-in-class resources to accelerate their SMS performance, including a dedicated partner manager, product certification, co-marketing opportunities, and the ability to help inform Attentive’s product roadmap.
  • Promoter: Attentive Promoters don’t directly manage SMS services for their clients, but provide strategic solution recommendations and referrals. These partners receive education, sales resources, and marketing support to enable their clients and partners to accelerate revenue growth with Attentive.

In addition to refreshed agency partner tiers, we’re also debuting a new Attentive Partner Portal specifically designed to help our partners succeed with SMS. Here, partners can register and manage deals, access partner-only training and playbooks, and download exclusive marketing and enablement content and resources—all of which are customized for their sales, marketing, and education needs. 

Updates for Technology Partners 

Attentive Technology Partners are also receiving new benefits, including gaining early access to our new public APIs, which play a critical role in shaping the future of our product and the SMS channel as a whole. 

To learn more about our API infrastructure and who can access our beta APIs, please reach out directly to your partner manager.

Looking Ahead

Attentive is committed to assembling a highly curated partner ecosystem built for today’s leading brands. The updates to our Partnerships Program will better enable, empower, and educate our partners not just about the Attentive platform, but in the broader transformational power of text messaging. 

Moving forward, agency and referral partners can expect even more resources for support and opportunities for growth. Coming in 2022, Attentive's technology partners can expect a formal program introduction with badges and world-class benefits.

To make text more than an acquisition channel, you have to focus on loyalty, retention, technology integration, and creating a two-way customer experience that is truly conversational. These are the keys to success for our customers, and they’re the foundation of the enhanced Attentive Partnerships Program. 

For more information about Attentive’s Partner Program, consider applying today to become a partner.

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