Shopify Merchants: Grow Your List Faster by Collecting SMS Consent at Checkout

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Oct 19, 2021
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Morgan Campbell
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Now you can include an opt-in checkbox at checkout—no extra code required.

Growing a healthy list of subscribers is one of the most important steps in creating a successful SMS marketing channel. And we know that shoppers who are about to click “buy” are some of your most valuable potential subscribers. That’s why Shopify Plus merchants who power their SMS programs through Attentive have been using this sign-up strategy since 2018, helping them collect over 1.15 million subscribers. 

Now, with Shopify’s new built-in list growth capability, both Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants can include an SMS consent checkbox at checkout. This no longer requires extra code to be placed on your site, making it easier than ever to collect opt-ins at the most valuable part of the customer’s journey.

Collect SMS marketing consent at checkout

Asking for consent to send marketing text messages at checkout is one of the best ways to quickly grow your list, since that audience is already highly engaged with your brand and about to make a purchase.

Here’s what your customers will see after they’ve filled out their shipping information.

sms consent transactional message

We’ve also updated our integration with Shopify to ensure that all new subscribers generated through the checkout flow will automatically be synced to your Attentive-powered SMS program in real time, so they can immediately begin receiving messages from your brand.

If you’re  not yet using SMS marketing, now is the ideal time to launch your program, and start taking advantage of this new sign-up method. If you’ve already implemented text messaging into your marketing strategy, but you’re not growing your SMS list at checkout, we recommend enabling this feature ahead of the holidays. Take advantage of the increased site traffic during the busiest shopping season of the year. 

Here are a few strategies and message ideas to connect with these SMS subscribers once they’ve opted in:

  • Make sure your custom welcome message uses language that makes sense for new subscribers who opted in at checkout. For example, avoid saying “take 15% off your first purchase,” since they’ve already made a purchase. 
  • Set up a triggered post-purchase message asking for a review or feedback on their recent purchase. Or, offer them a reward or discount to encourage another purchase within a specified time period. We recommend waiting two weeks before you send this to make sure your customer has received their package and has had time to experience their purchase.
  • Consider creating a dynamic segment of subscribers who’ve made a purchase in the last seven days. Exclude them from your campaign messages to make sure you’re not fatiguing them after they’ve just made a purchase. Then, after seven days, they’ll automatically be removed from the segment, and can start receiving your marketing messages.

For more inspiration on the types of messages you can send to engage your subscribers, explore our SMS gallery Texts We Love, or download The Complete SMS Marketing Guide for Shopify Merchants.

Collect transactional SMS opt-ins, too

In addition to driving marketing SMS opt-ins at checkout, all Shopify merchants can now collect consent to send transactional messages, too. 

Sending transactional text messages (Transactional Journeys) helps keep your customers informed and engaged on the status of their orders, allowing them to quickly check their text messages for the latest update. 

You know the feeling of placing an order online and immediately wanting a status update. Attentive’s Shopify integration ensures that this subscriber data is synced in real time, and will automatically trigger various messages based on different “events,” including order confirmed, order delivered, order cancelled, and more—so your customers will always have the latest information. 

Transactional text example

It’s never been easier for you to grow your list of SMS subscribers at checkout, and connect with your most valuable customers through personalized text messaging. 

Want to learn more about how Attentive can help you send powerful marketing text messages and personalized conversations with your customers? Request a demo, and get started with a free trial.

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