Survey Reveals: 67% of Sports Fans Purchase Based on Team Promotions

Attentive Mobile conducted a consumer survey to determine sports-related communication preferences for SMS and email.
Published on
Jun 25, 2024
Written by
Heather Serdoz
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Just in–fresh insights on how major sporting events shape consumer behaviors and preferences. Looking to connect with sports fans? Look no further. 

With a variety of sports-related content coming to a device near you, it's critical for brands to comprehend the nuanced communication preferences of consumers. Failure to adapt may lead to overbearing marketing during this season's marquee events.

Leveraging major sporting events is a great way for consumer brands to amplify their market presence and engage with customers in a relevant way. These events draw large, enthusiastic audiences, creating an ideal setting for brands to connect with fans who are already excited and open to related promotions. We polled 600 US consumers to understand what their sports-related communication preferences are. 

These insights are sure to help you hit your customer communication out of the park. 

The crowd goes wild…for sports-related promos

Consumers are more than willing to give a brand more information in exchange for better, more personalized promotions. In fact, 76% of respondents said they would likely share additional personal information with a retail brand, but in exchange, they are expecting to see clear benefits and relevant-to-them content.  

A significant portion of respondents expressed a favorable view towards retail brands that integrate major sports events into their marketing strategies. Specifically, 50% of participants reported feeling positive when brands tied promotions to major sporting events. 

The survey data also sheds light on the impact of these sports-related promotions on consumer purchase decisions. A notable 67% of respondents said they're likely to make a purchase from a sports team based on a promotion received via SMS or email. Similarly, 55% share that promotions from retail brands connected to sports events influenced their purchase decision, indicating that these marketing efforts can effectively drive sales. This insight underscores the potential of these campaigns to enhance consumer engagement and increase purchases.

The secret to winning at engagement 

Engaging fans before a game can be particularly effective, with 42% of consumers reporting that this is their preferred preference for game-day communications. This insight aligns with their anticipation and excitement, making consumers more likely to be open to relevant promotions and offers. 

We’re so excited to launch a whole new way to engage with Chicago Fire fans with text message marketing. Attentive is the clear leader in the pro sports space. They know how to serve sports teams and fans alike to get them engaged, excited, and in seats.

- Dan Moriarty, Chief Marketing Officer, Chicago Fire FC

It should come as no surprise that 60% of sports fans are most interested in game schedules and updates. However, another 47% are looking for special offers and merchandise discounts. Pre-event communications can include game day specials, merchandise offers, or related content that enhances the pre-game experience. 

Reaching out to your customers with the right message at the right time can increase the likelihood of engagement and drive higher conversion rates as fans are in a proactive mindset to receive and act on promotions. Be sure you have the right content strategy in place so you can cater to these unique preferences. 

Get in the game, here’s where brands have the most opportunity

Here’s what we know—consumers are absolutely onboard with brands tapping into major sporting events as a means of communicating with them. It’s relevant, timely, and shows customers you’re invested in their personal interests. 

43% of participants are currently subscribed to a combination of both SMS and email, leaving roughly 56% of untapped potential.  Create campaigns that capitalize on the anticipation of a major sporting event, piquing the interest of current subscribers and potential customers alike. Take a look at these list growth recommendations to effectively grow your subscriber base pre-event. 

When thinking about the content you’re sending, use countdowns in your messages and run promotions in parallel, encouraging customers to make a purchase ahead of the big game. 

By aligning your marketing efforts with this summer’s events, brands can not only increase visibility but also foster deeper connections with consumers, enhancing brand loyalty, and driving sales, making every major sports event an opportunity for brand success. 

Start connecting with your fans in real time. Over 40% of major professional sports leagues, including teams like Chicago Fire FC and the Milwaukee Bucks, are choosing Attentive. Get in on the action; learn how we’re supporting professional sports leagues


In June 2024, Attentive surveyed 600 US consumers aged 18+ about their sports-related communication preferences.

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