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How EatStreet Delivers Exceptional Mobile Experiences Through Their SMS Program

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Learn how EatStreet launched a new performance marketing channel and started engaging mobile diners, growing their list of SMS subscribers by 86.3%. 


Midwestern made, EatStreet is one of the largest independent online mobile food ordering and delivery services in the country. Founded as the world's smartest shortcut between hungry and happy, EatStreet serves over 250 cities and connects customers to more than 15,000 restaurants to satisfy cravings whenever you need it most.


As consumers shifted their dining behaviors to ordering in, EatStreet was looking for a new way to engage hungry diners. Knowing their audience was relying on their phones to order, SMS marketing was top-of-mind for EatStreet. “We were looking for a new channel consumers were interested in—a channel that we could use to reach subscribers when and where they wanted to be reached. And that’s certainly text messaging,” said Phill Glapa, Digital Marketing Manager at EatStreet.

EatStreet knew exactly what they were looking for in a text messaging solution:

  • Ability to quickly launch and scale their new text messaging program with dedicated support to provide guidance along the way
  • Functionality to segment their texts based on criteria such as “subscriber location” to deliver more relevant experiences
  • Robust automation capabilities to interact with their audience at the right moment


EatStreet partnered with Attentive to launch a new performance marketing channel and start engaging mobile diners. The brand leans on Attentive’s Client Strategy team to help shape their text messaging strategy. “Attentive’s team made it simple to get up and running right away,” said Glapa. “By being hands-on as we build our channel, Attentive empowers us to spend time scaling our other channels alongside SMS. We experienced rapid growth last year—and having Attentive’s support meant we were able to focus on multiple growth channels, which was a huge plus.” 

Using Attentive’s segment builder, EatStreet easily creates personalized experiences for their SMS subscribers. The brand tailors their messages to each subscriber’s location, sending offers and announcements relevant to their audiences’ favorite local restaurants. "We know that sending personalized content from a subscriber's favorite restaurant is what's going to get them to place an order,” said Glapa. “Attentive's segment builder allows us to do just that." 

EatStreet also uses Attentive’s Journeys to engage their audience at scale. The brand sends triggered, personalized texts to remind subscribers to complete their order—driving incremental revenue without any additional work, freeing them up to focus on other performance marketing initiatives.

With Attentive, we found a partner that could fulfill all of our needs. We could quickly and efficiently scale this channel to engage our mobile users across all of our local markets.

- Phill Glapa, Digital Marketing Manager, EatStreet


List growth

EatStreet grows their list of engaged text messaging subscribers with sign-up creatives that are designed by the Attentive team, always with compliance in mind. The brand drives opt-ins on their mobile website using Attentive's "two-tap" sign-up creatives, as well as sign-up creatives on their desktop website. These sign-up units—which are displayed after a diner has entered their delivery address—allow EatStreet to convert high-intent browsers into text messaging subscribers. 

The brand also drives text messaging opt-ins by promoting their SMS program on social media. To celebrate their birthday, EatStreet invited their social media followers to join their text messaging program via keyword. Once a subscriber opted in, they were automatically entered to win a gift card.

Message sending

EatStreet prides themselves on their Wisconsin roots and infuses their text messages with their signature “Midwest nice” brand voice. The brand’s approach positions them as a helpful peer, delighting and engaging subscribers. Writing in a familiar tone and dialect has positively impacted EatStreet’s results. Using Attentive’s A/B testing capabilities to find the triggered abandoned cart reminder that resonates most with their audience, EatStreet discovered that starting with the friendly Midwest term “Ope” drove nearly two times more revenue than other variants. 

Recognizing the importance of engaging SMS subscribers in real-time, two-way conversations for building brand loyalty, EatStreet launched a conversational campaign to promote a video they created with comedian Charlie Berens. EatStreet invited subscribers to search for a hidden coupon code in the video and respond with playful keywords, “YOUBET” or “NOPE,” depending on if they found the hidden code. After a subscriber texted back, they received an automated response that included an exclusive offer for their next order. 

This campaign tied into our Midwestern-made mentality. It was great to see people engage and respond to us. After seeing the campaign’s success, we’re adding conversational campaigns to our brand-building toolkit.

- Phill Glapa, Digital Marketing Manager, EatStreet

Geo-targeting & location-based offers

Because EatStreet was founded to support local restaurants, personalizing messages to each subscriber’s local area is essential. Using Attentive’s segment builder, the brand creates dynamic segments to send subscribers geo-targeted offers and updates, including announcements about recently added restaurants.

Attentive’s segmentation capabilities allow us to dig into different locales and create specific marketing initiatives and partnerships relevant to each subscriber.

- Phill Glapa, Digital Marketing Manager, EatStreet

Every text message includes a custom link that directs the subscriber to EatStreet’s page with their nearest dining locations so they can place their order immediately. EatStreet further personalizes each message by thoughtfully timing campaigns just as subscribers start getting hungry, driving even more engagement. 

Holiday-focused text messages

EatStreet frequently ties localized offers to holidays. To celebrate Women’s History Month, the brand sent subscribers a blog post featuring women-owned restaurants across all of their markets. Sharing quotes from the restaurateurs, EatStreet encouraged subscribers to support local women business owners. “We wanted to amplify women’s voices,” said Glapa. “Our subscribers were equally interested in this content—we saw strong engagement.” 

The brand also taps into playful holidays to engage text messaging subscribers. They sent Wisconsin subscribers an SMS-exclusive offer to celebrate National Wisconsin Day. “We’re a local company. We know that not everyone celebrates this holiday, but we certainly do,” said Glapa. “We wanted to make our subscribers feel appreciated by giving them an exclusive, SMS-only offer they could use to celebrate with us.” EatStreet included a branded graphic highlighting the exclusive offer to catch subscribers’ attention. The message ended with a custom link with nearby restaurants so subscribers could place their order right away. 

In celebration of another playful holiday, National Employee Appreciation Day, EatStreet sent a text message highlighting their partnership with convenience chain KwikTrip giving subscribers access to an exclusive delivery bundle. Subscribers could click a personalized link to order from their nearest location. 

Mobile app promotion

Knowing that mobile app users have a high lifetime value—and that text subscribers were among their most loyal customers—the brand sent a text messaging campaign inviting SMS subscribers to download their app. “By encouraging subscribers to download our app, we were able to help them create a seamless mobile experience,” said Glapa. “Being in their phone helps us stay top-of-mind and increases lifetime value.” 

Text messaging is a powerful customer acquisition and retention tool. We use personalized text messaging to build brand awareness and loyalty. We rely on text messaging to nurture our customers—from helping them create their EatStreet account to driving repeat orders.

- Phill Glapa, Digital Marketing Manager, EatStreet


Since partnering with Attentive in July 2020, EatStreet’s text messaging program has driven a 70x ROI. Within 60 days of launching, EatStreet grew their SMS list to over 30,000 subscribers. Over the next six months, the brand increased their list of SMS subscribers by 86.3%. 

Over 85% of subscribers click through on the text message welcoming them to EatStreet’s SMS program, and 24.6% redeem their welcome offer—showing they’re engaged from the get-go. 

The brand’s triggered abandoned cart reminders automatically recover otherwise lost revenue, driving an average 20.5% CTR and a 16% CVR. 

On average, EatStreet’s campaign messages achieve a 17.2% CVR. The brand’s cross-channel promotion strategy paid off—the text message encouraging subscribers to download the EatStreet app unlocked a 32.2% CVR. 

As they continue to rapidly scale their SMS program, Eatstreet plans to A/B test their campaign messages to drill down even further into what subscribers are interested in. Knowing that their text messaging subscribers are some of their most engaged users, the brand also plans to use SMS to drive adoption for new services, such as EatStreet Convenience, a delivery service for late-night snacks and home supplies. EatStreet plans to source and implement feedback from engaged SMS users. 

For some of our campaigns, our text messages perform better than the same campaigns sent via email and push notifications. We’re impressed—even though we have fewer SMS subscribers compared to email and push, text messaging consistently drives high engagement.

- Phill Glapa, Digital Marketing Manager, EatStreet

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