How Hollywood Hair Bar Drove $1.7M+ in Revenue Using Personalized Text Messaging

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Learn how Hollywood Hair Bar and their digital marketing partner, The Snow Agency, used SMS to tap into their highly engaged social audience.


Founded by celebrity fashion stylist Tiffany Rose, Hollywood Hair Bar brings Hollywood to the home with an all-natural hair growth line for women everywhere. With over 25,000 5-star reviews and over 1 million bottles sold, the beauty brand delights fans—fondly referred to as “Barbz”—with affordable hair care products that regrow and revitalize hair in less than 14 days.


Hollywood Hair Bar set an ambitious goal to increase their online presence, and they needed a revenue-driving channel that allowed them to engage their mobile-first audience. Their digital marketing partner—The Snow Agency—saw an opportunity to complement the brand’s existing email program and Shopify-powered site with SMS.

“After analyzing the brand’s email marketing, I noticed that the percentage of online revenue was pretty low,” explained Daniel Monte, Director of Email and SMS Marketing at The Snow Agency. “We immediately saw an opportunity to introduce SMS–and the brand was all for it.” 


The Snow Agency, an Attentive Elite Partner, recognized that the brand already had a loyal and growing community of “Barbz'' across social media, and could use SMS powered by Attentive to tap into their highly engaged social audience. 

Attentive’s team worked with Hollywood Hair Bar to launch their SMS marketing program and start driving ROI within two weeks. 


Hollywood Hair Bar uses a combination of sign-up strategies across channels to grow their text subscriber list, including Attentive’s:

  • “2-in-1” sign-up flow to greet Hollywood Hair Bar’s website visitors, allowing the brand to grow their email and SMS subscriber lists simultaneously
  • “Two-tap” sign-up technology on mobile, where browsers simply tap a button to load a pre-populated text message, then simply hit ‘send’ to opt in
  • Custom landing pages across Instagram and Snapchat stories, creating a natural experience for users who are ready to click and subscribe

Working with The Snow Agency, Hollywood Hair Bar uses Attentive to regularly send out a mix of promotional and non-promotional campaign messages, ranging from seasonal discounts and geo-targeted offers to new product launches and brand-focused content. The brand is known for their unique and personalized campaign strategies that build brand awareness and keep them top of mind for their audience, such as their Valentine Day campaign series. 

On Valentine’s Day, SMS subscribers received a message that linked to a Valentine’s Day playlist, curated for “Hollywood Hair Barbz” by CEO Tiffany Rose. In addition to campaign messages, the brand uses Journeys—Attentive’s triggered text messages—to automatically send engaging texts to subscribers throughout the customer lifecycle. All of these messages are sent to subscribers based on their behaviors, such as opting into a text program, abandoning or browsing a cart, or completing a purchase. 

Hollywood Hair Bar’s welcome messages and abandoned cart reminders outperform their other triggered messages—both in terms of revenue driven and CTRs. The brand’s welcome message incentivizes new subscribers with a coupon code for their first purchase.  This message also helps “Barbz” interact with the brand on a more personal level by adding Hollywood Hair Bar as a contact in their phone. And the brand’s abandoned cart reminder automatically sends subscribers who viewed a product but did not make a purchase an MMS message with a link to their cart, helping convert browsers into buyers.

By integrating Attentive with their email service provider and e-commerce platform—Shopify—Hollywood Hair Bar can grow a list of email and SMS subscribers simultaneously, and power a more personalized shopping experience that drives revenue and builds loyalty across channels. 

The Shopify integration was a game changer. We can pull custom fields–such as personalized merge tags–to greet subscribers by their first name, which is very important to us. The fact that Attentive continues to expand on that through segmentation really helps us out.

Daniel Monte, Director of Email and SMS Marketing, The Snow Agency

With Attentive’s seamless Shopify integration, Hollywood Hair Bar is able to capture on-site behavior and rich Shopify data to build hyper-targeted segments and enhance message personalization. One segment they’ve created through this data is engaged shoppers—those who’ve clicked on a text at least once within a 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day period. Then, they send a message to each segment with personalized content that drives action. Their integration with Shopify also allows Hollywood Hair Bar to send one-click transactional journeys that keep shoppers informed of when their orders are confirmed or shipped, reducing customer support tickets and boosting loyalty throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

In addition to collecting data for segmentation, the brand uses the integration to offer SMS opt-in at checkout. Shoppers can click a box to sign up for Hollywood Hair Bar’s SMS program at the point of purchase—providing the brand with another touchpoint to grow their list.

We incorporated the opt-in at checkout on our website, and that definitely made a big impact. Once we implemented that, we saw a spike in subscribers. We’ve tested almost every feature Attentive has to offer and have seen a ton of success.

- Daniel Monte, Director of Email and SMS Marketing, The Snow Agency


In just six months, the brand generated over $1.2 million from their Attentive-powered SMS program, accounting for 10% of total company revenue. 

“Our second month using Attentive was our strongest month to date for Hollywood Hair Bar,” said Monte.

By tapping into their social audience and using several touch points across mobile, web and checkout to grow their list, Hollywood Hair Bar successfully grew an SMS list from the ground up, gaining over 126,000 subscribers.

Text messaging creates an intimate relationship with subscribers. It builds a sense of trust and loyalty, especially when it’s executed correctly. The ceiling is really high at this point—we can test more and tailor our messages as much as possible. Attentive is continuously innovating, making it easier for us to interact with subscribers in a personal way.

- Daniel Monte, Director of Email and SMS Marketing, The Snow Agency

Today—over a year since Hollywood Hair Bar launched with Attentive—the impact of SMS has only increased. With over 146,000 active SMS subscribers and $1.7 million in SMS-driven revenue to date, Hollywood Hair Bar has achieved a 57x ROI on their SMS marketing program. “I think the most important part is already done, in terms of showing and conveying the potential of SMS to Hollywood Hair Bar. Now, it’s just a matter of honing in and expanding the lifetime value per user,” said Monte. “We’re just getting started.”

I am so thankful for my team at The Snow Agency and how hard they have worked on all of my beautiful campaigns. The Attentive family has also been a dream come true. Our results are mind-blowing. I’m very excited about our future together!

- Tiffany Rose, CEO, Hollywood Hair Bar
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