How BEEK Uses Personalized Text Messaging to Drive 20% of Total Revenue

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Learn how BEEK was able to quickly launch their SMS marketing program, using a combination of sign-up creatives to grow their subscriber list.


BEEK’s mission is simple: Create footwear that’s both beautiful and comfortable. The brand’s handmade luxury leather products are sold in more than 50 boutiques nationwide, recognized by magazines such as Vanity Fair and Elle, and have been spotted on some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities.


While BEEK was experiencing great success with their email marketing program, they were looking to diversify their marketing channels and acquire new customers. BEEK’s agency partner recommended SMS marketing as a way to talk directly to consumers and give mobile-first shoppers more options for interacting with the brand.

Sunnyside Collective—a leading digital agency and an Attentive Premier Agency Partner—knew the value of text message marketing. The agency’s founder had used Attentive in a previous role and seen the immediate impact a text message marketing program could make.

Attentive’s ‘two-tap’ sign-up technology and focus on compliance differentiate it from other SMS marketing solutions and provide a lot of value to our clients.

– Matt Raminick, Founder, Sunnyside Collective


With help from Attentive’s dedicated Client Strategy team, BEEK was able to quickly launch their SMS marketing program and start driving ROI.

We were up and running within two weeks and seeing a return on investment almost immediately. We received a massive amount of support from the Attentive team, which made it its mission to help us optimize as much as possible out of the gate. BEEK achieved over 100x ROI during the trial period alone.

– Matt Raminick, Founder, Sunnyside Collective


BEEK uses a combination of sign-up creatives to grow their SMS marketing subscriber list. With Attentive’s “Email-First” solution, the brand captures both email and SMS subscribers simultaneously, collecting 3x more emails on average. Attentive’s “two-tap” sign-up technology enables subscribers to simply tap a button to load a pre-populated text message and hit send to opt in. The brand also leverages Text-to-Join campaigns and sign-up landing pages across their website and Instagram account.

BEEK sends their subscribers multiple campaign messages per week, often using images and GIFs to alert subscribers to new products, promotions, and bestsellers. And with Journeys—Attentive’s triggered message functionality—the brand is able to generate incremental revenue by automatically sending messages to subscribers throughout the customer lifecycle based on their behaviors.

BEEK’s browse abandonment reminder automatically sends subscribers who viewed a product but didn’t add it to their online cart a message highlighting their free shipping and hassle-free return policy, helping turn browsers into buyers. And the brand’s post-purchase message automatically thanks subscribers for their business and encourages them to write a review of their recent purchase, providing the brand with valuable customer validation and word-of-mouth marketing.

Our automated journeys, including welcome messages, browse abandonment reminders, abandoned cart reminders, and post-purchase messages, are all performing incredibly well for us.

– Matt Raminick, Founder, Sunnyside Collective

By integrating Attentive with their technology stack, BEEK can pull valuable data from their email service provider and e-commerce platform to ensure they’re sending the right messages to the right subscribers at the right time. Having integrated Attentive with Shopify, BEEK can access historical customer purchase data stored in the e-commerce platform to create additional segments and improve message personalization. This integration also enables Shopify Plus customers to create automated coupon codes for dynamic redemption and replenishment via SMS.

It’s been very helpful to segment messages based on purchase behavior. And with Attentive’s A/B testing feature, we can see how messages perform based on creative assets and send times, which allows us to consistently fine-tune our strategy.

– Matt Raminick, Founder, Sunnyside Collective


The business impact BEEK saw within their first weeks of using Attentive has only increased.

When we launched SMS, the positive impact on our business was immediate. Our customers really responded well, and it’s now our highest-converting marketing channel month over month. We couldn’t be happier with the ongoing support from the Attentive team, which just makes it that much easier to scale.

– Kenna Florie, Co-Founder, BEEK

Between their campaign and triggered messages—the latter of which has a 48.1% conversion rate—BEEK has achieved a 345x ROI on their overall SMS marketing program. Text messages sent via Attentive account for approximately 20% of BEEK’s total revenue, and have helped the brand maximize opportunities across marketing channels.

SMS and email complement each other. Each has its own nuances, and as overall website traffic continues to increase, we haven’t seen any decline in opt-in rate across the two channels.

– Matt Raminick, Founder, Sunnyside Collective

BEEK is looking forward to expanding their SMS marketing program—layering on additional segmentation criteria, testing new types of messages, and further aligning their email and SMS strategies.

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