How Dorsal Bracelets Uses SMS Marketing to Drive 30% of Total Revenue

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of total revenue generated by text messages sent via Attentive


overall SMS program ROI


CVR on cart abandonment text message reminders

Learn how Dorsal Bracelets is using text messaging to transform social media traffic into revenue growth.


Dorsal Bracelets is a lifestyle accessory brand inspired by the ocean. In addition to selling a wide array of bracelets, necklaces, apparel, and more online, the brand provides customers with a chance to support sustainable causes. For every purchase, Dorsal Bracelets works with multiple organizations to remove trash and plastic from the ocean, fund coral restoration, and aid in ocean conservation efforts.


Dorsal Bracelets drives traffic to its website from multiple sources, with a significant focus on social media platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. While social advertisements provided the brand with a steady stream of website visitors, the traffic didn’t necessarily translate into conversions. Dorsal Bracelets wanted a way to more effectively transform social audiences into satisfied customers.


Soon after partnering with Common Thread Collective—an e-commerce growth agency specializing in supporting entrepreneurs, and an Attentive agency partner—Dorsal Bracelets launched a text messaging program powered by Attentive. Thanks to the help of Attentive’s dedicated Client Strategy team, Dorsal Bracelets was able to get its text messaging program up and running in just two days.

We were able to set our SMS program live within 48 hours. It was a very easy process—we provided Attentive with a few different options of visual content, and they produced an incredible pop-up to start capturing new text messaging subscribers immediately.”

— Chad Ross, Founder and CEO, Dorsal Bracelets


Dorsal Bracelets directed traffic from its Snapchat ads to its website, where visitors were immediately greeted by an opt-in form offering a discount in return for signing up to receive emails and text messages from the brand. In addition to triggered messages—such as welcome messages that are automatically sent to new subscribers upon signing up or cart reminders that are automatically sent 24 hours after a shopper abandons their online cart—Dorsal Bracelets focuses its text messaging strategy on informing customers of new product releases, restocks, and sales or discounts.

With Attentive’s easy-to-use platform, Dorsal Bracelets can quickly create new text messages, incorporate appropriate imagery, schedule delivery, segment recipients, and optimize performance using A/B testing. Attentive’s intuitive mobile sign-up flow makes it easy for subscribers to join, providing brands such as Dorsal Bracelets with the ideal opportunity to capture SMS sign-ups and email addresses simultaneously in a single instance.

We wanted to find new channels for Dorsal Bracelets to try to scale up their business. Because we were able to send so much cost-effective traffic through Snapchat, their text message list growth was off the charts. And knowing that for them, text messages convert so much higher than email—it pretty much crushed it from a conversion and revenue standpoint.”

— Scott Kramer, VP of Sales and Marketing, Common Thread Collective


Common Thread Collective and Dorsal Bracelets soon noticed that SMS was surpassing email in terms of revenue generation. Even though Dorsal Bracelets’ email subscriber list is three times larger than its SMS list, when the brand sends emails and text messages featuring the same offer, the two channels provide nearly identical returns.

As of July 2020, only seven months after launching its text messaging program, sales attributed to text messages sent via Attentive account for 30% of Dorsal Bracelets’ total revenue.

Beyond targeted campaigns, on average, Dorsal Bracelets sees a CTR of 74.3% for its triggered welcome messages and a CVR of 27.1% for its triggered cart abandonment text message reminders, enabling the brand to automatically drive sales based on customer actions.

Collectively, Dorsal Bracelets’ Attentive-powered text messaging program has delivered a 41x ROI.

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