How Izzy & Liv's SMS Segmentation Strategy Powers Personalized Experiences for Their Subscribers

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Learn how Izzy & Liv used Attentive’s segmentation builder to create a more tailored experience within their text messaging channel.


Izzy & Liv is a lifestyle brand where representation matters. They’re dedicated to celebrating and uplifting Black women, women of color, and Black culture—allowing them to celebrate and embrace who they are. The brand does this through the variety of subscription-based products they offer, including monthly subscription boxes for women and children. Additionally, Izzy and Liv offers non-subscription-based products ranging from apparel, home decor, accessories, beauty, and stationery.


With the wide range of products that they offer, Izzy & Liv needed a way to ensure they were getting the right message in front of the right person. “The majority of things that we’re messaging our audience about are not one-size-fits-all,” said Nicole Brown, Founder and CEO of Izzy & Liv. 

Izzy & Liv needed the ability to segment based on:

  • Purchase history (e.g. made a purchase during a specified time range or sale period or didn’t make a purchase at all)
  • Engagement with the text channel (e.g. engaged but has not made a purchase; engaged but has made a purchase)
  • Brown Sugar Box subscriber status


Through Attentive’s segmentation builder and various integrations, Izzy & Liv created a more tailored experience within their text messaging channel. With Attentive’s Shopify integration, Izzy & Liv can quickly and easily segment based on purchase history. 

And with Attentive’s ReCharge integration, Izzy & Liv can send transactional text messages based on subscription started, failed charge, and upcoming charge. “Our Brown Sugar Box subscription customers are a huge part of our business, so it was important for us to have these types of capabilities. With Attentive, we’ve been able to consider new ways to focus on these subscribers and deliver enjoyable experiences,” added Brown.


Purchase history

Segmenting sends based on purchase history is one successful strategy Izzy & Liv has implemented through Attentive. For example, the brand will send a text message about a sale to their full SMS subscriber list. Then, two days later, they will send a sale reminder to anyone who didn’t convert from the first text. Izzy & Liv promotes the same offer but focuses on more urgent messaging, like “Sale ends tomorrow” or “Don’t miss out.” 

Izzy & Liv purchase history mock

These reminders have resulted in click-through rates as high as 15% and incremental revenue since these subscribers likely wouldn’t have purchased without a reminder.


Segmenting based on engagement history is another strategy Izzy & Liv leverages in their text channel. One example is the brand’s “45-day window shoppers” segment. The segment is made up of subscribers who have clicked through on a text message in the last 45 days but have not made a purchase (based on reporting within Attentive’s UI and their integration with Shopify). 

Izzy & Liv sends special offers—such as new markdowns—to this segment only. Then, similar to their purchase history segmentation strategy, the brand often sends a reminder text to this segment two days later, excluding anyone who converted within the last 48 hours. “This is a great way to drive conversions from subscribers who are engaged enough with our channel to click, but might need the extra push or reminder to make a purchase,” added Brown. 

Brown Sugar Box subscriber status

Using Shopify purchase data, Izzy & Liv is able to segment out SMS subscribers who have already purchased the Brown Sugar Box. This enables the brand to exclude that purchaser segment from their text messages, allowing them to drive new subscription box members. 

Izzy & Liv has also recently started using their Brown Sugar Box subscribers segment to send current members a sneak peek of items that will be in their next box. The brand’s first preview text message sent in January delivered a 48.5% click-through rate.

Subscription reminders

Through Attentive’s integration with ReCharge, Izzy & Liv sends their Brown Sugar Box subscribers text messages when: 

  • Their new subscription has started. This includes a link to onboard new subscribers and help them learn more about how the subscription box works.
  • There’s an upcoming charge or a charge has failed. The brand has found that these two types of messages have helped reduce the churn of members by reminding them they’ll be charged in three days or that there is a problem with their billing information.
Izzy and Liv transactional journeys mock

These transactional text messages are important to us. We also send these through email, but we’ve found they often go to spam or the customer misses them. With text messaging, we know our subscriber will see it.

- Nicole Brown, Founder and CEO of Izzy & Liv


Since launching their SMS program with Attentive in August 2020, Izzy & Liv has driven results like 28.5% average conversion rates across all messages sent and a 33.4x+ return on investment. “We got started before the busy holiday season instead of waiting until we had a big sale or offer. We warmed up our audience to our text channel, and that paid off,” said Brown.

As for Izzy & Liv’s future text messaging plans, the brand will focus on even more subscriber segmentation. They’re also considering implementing win-back campaigns for subscribers who have cancelled or skipped their Brown Sugar Box membership. Finally, they plan to use Brown Sugar Box purchase information to send more specific messages and cross-sell their other membership boxes.

Our onboarding with Attentive has been great, and the team is amazing. We look forward to growing our text messaging channel even more this year.

- Nicole Brown, Founder and CEO of Izzy & Liv
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