How LensDirect Uses Text Messaging to Drive Incremental Revenue, Resulting in 110x ROI

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Learn how LensDirect uses SMS to send a combination of campaign & triggered text messages to subscribers.


For almost 30 years, LensDirect.com has provided customers with a large selection of name-brand contact lenses, eyeglasses, and sunglasses. They’re a family-run business that treats their customers like family—it’s their mantra, their ethos. Because of their commitment to superior service, they’re consistently one of the highest-ranked companies in their industry, selected by Newsweek three years in a row as #1 in customer service.


As an online retailer, LensDirect wanted to create a channel that would allow them to build a more fluid connection with their shoppers and a frictionless online purchasing experience. Knowing that their audience values quality and wants to build a long-term relationship, LensDirect needed a channel that would allow them to speak to their customers on a medium they feel comfortable with.


LensDirect had previously leveraged SMS through a different provider. They decided to partner with Attentive for a more robust platform that would allow them to message their subscribers about more than just promotional offers. “Looking at the technical side compared to other SMS providers, what stood out to me was the proprietary “two-tap” sign-up technology you’ve developed that makes it seamless for shoppers to opt in. Attentive’s TCPA-compliant sign-up solution protects our brand while delivering a great user experience for our subscribers,” said Dale Kim, Digital Marketing Manager at LensDirect. “I think Attentive has the whole package.”

LensDirect was able to launch their program with Attentive in only a few days. “In terms of technical set up, it was a breeze,” commented Kim.

We’re excited that we’ve found a partner who is going to grow with us and be there for the long haul. Attentive has our business needs at the forefront, and we would recommend anyone to use them.”  

– Ryan Alovis, CEO of LensDirect


With dedicated support from Attentive’s Client Strategy team, LensDirect was set up for success right away. “From A to Z, Attentive shared best practices for launching our on-site sign-up creatives—from mobile to desktop pop-ups—that allowed us to successfully collect both phone numbers and email addresses,” said Kim. Using Attentive’s “Email-First” sign-up technology, LensDirect has quickly scaled their text messaging list by 200% in just two months, while simultaneously collecting email addresses.

Attentive’s product is top-notch, and the service has been above and beyond what we could’ve ever expected. Attentive truly cares about our success, and that’s been refreshing.”

– Ryan Alovis, CEO of LensDirect

LensDirect sends a combination of campaign and triggered text messages to subscribers to ensure they’re maximizing the potential of their SMS program—and meeting the needs of their audience.

For campaign messages, LensDirect creates a healthy balance between sending promotional messages—like percentages off and free shipping—and non-promotional messages—like product launches, virtual try-on, and AutoRefill (their discounted contact lens subscription service) enrollment reminders.    

LensDirect also implemented triggered messages—using Attentive’s Journeys—that automatically send based on behavioral data. For example, new subscribers receive a message welcoming them to the brand’s program and offering a discount on their next purchase. LensDirect also uses Attentive’s Abandoned Cart journey which reminds subscribers about items left in their online cart 30 minutes after they’ve left the website. The brand recently started A/B testing this reminder, with one variation of the message including an offer while the other variation doesn’t.

In addition to campaign and triggered messages, LensDirect leverages Attentive’s integration with cloud-based help desk solution Zendesk to improve customer experiences and drive more revenue. This integration allows LensDirect to answer customer questions sent via text message. All text messages received from a customer are automatically forwarded to LensDirect’s customer support team queue in Zendesk so they can quickly assist the customer and resolve any issues or questions.

I don’t think text messaging is just another channel. I think it’s going to become the most important channel when it comes to communicating with our customers and offering them content that matters. We are bullish on SMS—not just as a leading source of engagement for our customers, but as the future of interaction.”

– Ryan Alovis, CEO of LensDirect


Overall, LenDirect’s text messaging program has driven an ROI of 110x.

Using Attentive’s “Email-First” sign-up technology, LensDirect has been able to quickly grow a list of subscribers for both text messaging and email. The brand sees strong results, including:

  • 200% subscriber growth in just two months  
  • 125x ROI driven by their welcome message
  • 12.7% SMS opt-in conversion rate on mobile
  • 24.6% email opt-in conversion rate on mobile
  • 26% email opt-in conversion rate on desktop

LensDirect also sees success with their campaign and triggered text messages, resulting in:

  • 12.5% average conversion rate for campaign messages
  • 60% average conversion rate for triggered abandoned cart reminders
  • 333x ROI driven by abandoned cart reminders
We’re looking for SMS to be the crème de la crème of our communication preferences. If we need to get a message across, we can be confident that if we send it through text messaging, it will get opened and read, and we will stay top of mind for the subscriber.”

– Dale Kim, Digital Marketing Manager at LensDirect

As for how they’re planning on scaling their text messaging program with Attentive, LensDirect is prioritizing subscriber growth for both SMS and email. The brand is also considering activating a browse abandonment text message. Finally, they’re evaluating the use of other integrations, specifically with their Email Service Provider, and strategizing ways to drive more customer retention through text messaging.

If you look at Attentive as just a conduit to deploy messages, you’re doing them a disservice. There are plenty of companies where you can upload a list and send a message, but there is nothing innovative about that. Attentive is the industry leader for SMS. Their platform and customer service is beyond anything we ever imagined.”

– Ryan Alovis, CEO of LensDirect
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