How Skatie Uses Personalized Text Messaging to Create Authentic Connections While Driving Incremental Revenue

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Learn how Skatie builds anticipation for new product launches on social media, and then uses SMS to transform intent into action.


Skatie is a sustainable fashion brand that channels “a golden state of mind” while bringing their customers a little piece of California’s iconic style. The brand has developed a passionate following for their use of bold prints and comfortable, eco-conscious fabrics in their merchandise—all made for the everyday girl. Fans eagerly await each new release, whether it’s swimwear, activewear, or another item from Skatie’s ever-expanding line.


As a relatively new brand looking to scale their business, Skatie set aggressive sales goals for their team. They partnered with Black Falcon Media—a performance marketing agency focusing on paid media and digital marketing strategy, and an Atttentive Agency Partner—to achieve their objectives.


Skatie and Black Falcon Media decided to explore text message marketing as a potential growth strategy. Attentive’s platform immediately stood out with its signature “two-tap” sign-up feature on mobile and strong data compliance capabilities. After seeing immediate results upon launching Skatie’s SMS channel—and experiencing firsthand how quickly and easily brands can implement their SMS marketing programs with help from Attentive’s dedicated Client Strategy team—they were convinced they’d made the right choice.

Attentive is such a seamless, simple platform to use. It made it easy to reach our target audience directly on their phones. People don’t want to open their emails anymore. Our shoppers live on their phones—90% convert on mobile.”

– Skatie Noyes, Owner & Designer, Skatie


Working with Black Falcon Media, Skatie drives cost-effective top-of-funnel traffic to their website using paid media, such as advertisements on Facebook and Instagram promoting new products. Website visitors are greeted by a sign-up creative—designed by Attentive’s in-house design team to match the brand’s aesthetic—offering a 10% discount for opting into Skatie’s text message marketing program.

While Skatie uses Attentive’s triggered text messages—such as welcome messages and cart abandonment reminders—it primarily focuses on campaign messages spotlighting product releases. The brand does an excellent job of building anticipation for new product launches on social media, then using SMS to transform intent into action.

Skatie previously communicated with customers mainly through social media, but SMS has provided a new way for the brand’s fans to stay up to date on new arrivals and back-in-stock products. More importantly, SMS gives Skatie another way to create deeper connections with their audience—something that separates the brand from their corporate competitors.

Our subscribers feel like Skatie is texting them personally. I’m able to use the same voice I use across social media and other channels to make our audience feel like it’s me talking directly to them. When they reply, it feels like a more personal, 1:1 conversation.”

– Skatie Noyes, Owner & Designer, Skatie


Since signing up with Attentive 10 months ago, Skatie has achieved a 61x+ ROI on their text messaging program. Over the course of six months alone, revenue per text message increased by more than 3,000%, with some messages driving over six figures in revenue in less than 30 minutes.

It’s a fantastic partnership. When you combine Attentive with the ads that Black Falcon Media runs for us, it creates a perfect circle of pushing people down the funnel and driving conversions.”

– Skatie Noyes, Owner & Designer, Skatie

In addition to the success of their campaign messages, Skatie has also achieved significant returns via triggered messages that help the brand automatically drive incremental revenue—including an average CVR of 52.5% on cart abandonment text message reminders.

When compared to emails, text messages provide nearly 3x more revenue per message for Skatie. Attentive-powered text messages have driven 29.8% of total revenue year-to-date for the brand, contributing to an 826% increase in revenue during the same time period.

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