How Terez Doubled Their SMS Subscriber List After Switching to Attentive

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Learn how lifestyle brand Terez doubled their SMS subscriber list after switching to Attentive.


Terez is a female-founded New York City lifestyle brand focused on spreading joy and positivity throughout the world. They’re committed to quality, and passionate about fun-filled high-energy designs that are bold and unique. Wearing Terez is a brilliant reminder for you to live your life fully and celebrate every moment, big and small.


Terez initially launched their SMS program through their email service provider (ESP) but quickly realized that they weren’t seeing as much list growth as they would have liked, and they needed more strategic guidance from their provider. They also had limitations with their text messaging design, such as not being able to send an MMS (e.g., including media, such as an image or GIF, with the text).


In May 2021, just six months after launching their SMS program with their ESP, Terez launched a free trial with Attentive. “We were specifically looking for a partner, and not just a vendor. We’re a very small team, so having someone to onboard us and give us guidance on strategy is super important,” said Morgan Spindler, Customer Lifecycle Manager at Terez. “Attentive offered that.” 

After Terez migrated their existing SMS subscriber list to Attentive, they launched their new sign-up units to accelerate the growth of their channel. They were also excited to finally be able to send MMS to their subscribers.

A lot of our web traffic comes from mobile. People are on their phones all the time. And they’re getting so many emails from other brands they subscribe to. Text messaging was a way for us to communicate with them through a different channel.

- Morgan Spindler, Customer Lifecycle Manager at Terez


Terez worked with the team at Attentive to launch their sign-up units on desktop and mobile. They’re also using dedicated landing pages to drive sign-ups for email and text at the same time. The incentive on these landing pages is generally focused on seasonality, such as being entered into a Halloween giveaway or getting early access to shop their new holiday collection.

In addition to collecting consent to send marketing messages, Terez activated sign-up for transactional text messages at checkout through Attentive’s integration with Shopify. “Transactional messages are really valuable to our customers, so they can quickly get text updates on the status of their order,” said Spindler. “We always try to put our Terez voice behind the messages.”

Terez's MMS text strategy turned out to be a key revenue driver for their collaboration with womenswear brand Black Iris. “Our collab sold out in just 48 hours, due to our text efforts and partnership promoting the launch with Black Iris,” added Spindler.

Terez has also seen success with their automated journeys for cart and browse abandonment reminders. “We recently added a new journey based on product categories our subscribers have purchased from before,” said Spindler. “We’re creating highly personalized journeys based on what people are interested in, and having that one-to-one messaging is really effective.” 

We’ve been so impressed with Attentive’s constant communication. If we experience any issues, they’re always resolved quickly. And the updates and industry research that Attentive is sharing have been really valuable to me as a marketer.

- Morgan Spindler, Customer Lifecycle Manager at Terez


Since migrating to Attentive, Terez has nearly doubled their list of SMS subscribers, while simultaneously growing their email list, too.

Their automated journeys—such as browse and cart abandonment reminders—have also been successful, accounting for almost 50% of Terez’s total SMS revenue. The brand sends many of their triggered messages as MMS, meaning they include an image—a feature they didn’t have prior to switching to Attentive. “Attentive’s platform is super easy to use. It’s simple for me to send out a text, or to pull a performance report.”

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