The most comprehensive text message marketing solution

Attentive drives billions in online revenue for modern e-commerce brands. See what it can do for you.

The most comprehensive text message marketing solution

Attentive drives billions in online revenue for modern e-commerce brands. See what it can do for you.

Grow your SMS List

Growing an SMS list is hard. Attentive makes it fast and easy with our 24+ sign-up units across all channels.

Build customer loyalty

Convert browsers into buyers with timely messages. Recover potentially lost revenue using Attentive’s cart and browse abandonment messages.


Seamlessly connect to Shopify, Salesforce, and all the tools you love. Supercharge your mobile messaging strategy by leveraging our robust suite of integrations.

Results from our customers

“Through tests like these, we were able to learn that sending texts to active customers across channels will create incremental demand. You don’t have to choose between a text or an email or a push notification—customers like to engage with brands across all channels.”
Bryan Jengehino
Global Mobile Marketing Associate Manager

Engage mobile consumers and convert them into loyal customers with SMS marketing

Put your brand in the best position to increase revenue and customer retention

"We’ve seen amazing results through our program with Attentive. When we first started, we had a hunch that our customers would embrace SMS marketing, but the channel has far exceeded our expectations—both in terms of engagement and ROI."
Vivan Weng
SVP of Digital and E-Commerce
“The ease of use of Attentive’s platform, and the support that we get from the team were a few of the reasons we switched, in addition to having better performance. And onboarding was very quick and simple.”
Hanna Lieberman
GM of Apparel & Shoes

The conversational commerce platform that humanizes the customer experience

Attentive is trusted by thousands of brands built on Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and more

Create customer-first connections with personalized text messaging

Attentive drives billions in online revenue for businesses

Scale with our playbook

Access our best practices and support to quickly make SMS one of your top 3 revenue channels

Grow your list faster

Scale your list of SMS and email subscribers more effectively than any other solution

Target the right audience

Understand your audience with valuable first-party data and send personalized messages that inspire action

Drive more revenue

Engage your mobile subscribers and see more powerful results per message than with email alone

Integrate seamlessly

Extend the value of Attentive by connecting with the rest of your technology stack

Compliance & Deliverability

Confidently build a revenue-generating SMS marketing program with compliance at the forefront

Plus many, many more

Seamlessly sync with the rest of your marketing technology

Flexible integrations built for thousands of brands


Supercharge your mobile messaging strategy by leveraging our suite of integrations


Your text program quickly with effortless implementation and smooth data ingestion


Customer data from all marketing systems to form a single customer view and scale 1:1 cross-channel customer communications


Custom integrations using the Attentive API to simplify your workflows and refine your marketing programs

We work hard to make things simple for you

Shopify Plus Certified App Partner

G2 Leader for SMS and Mobile Marketing, 2022

Salesforce AppExchange Partner

4.8/5 stars based on 280+ reviews from Attentive customers

See Attentive in action

Drive more digital revenue with personalized mobile messaging.

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