How 4 LGBTQ+-Owned Brands Are Celebrating Pride Year-Round

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SMS Marketing
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Jun 10, 2021
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Elodie Huston
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People want inclusive marketing to be a year-long priority.

Each year in June, Pride month commemorates the 1969 Stonewall riots—a pivotal event in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights. Pride is a time to honor those who have fought—and continue to fight—for full equality while celebrating the strength and diversity of the LGBTQ+ community. 

But celebrating diversity should take center stage year-round, not just during Pride month. One way people are prioritizing inclusivity is by shopping from brands that are built for—and celebrate—multifaceted identities. Consumers want to support brands who are walking the walk not just in June, but all year—like creating inclusive products, celebrating body diversity, or donating to impactful organizations. 

Learn how these four LGBTQ+-owned brands are creating inclusive experiences year-round (and how you can, too).

Wildfang: Helping customers find the perfect fit

Sustainable clothing brand Wildfang—German for tomboy—is on a mission to rethink gender norms in fashion. The brand was started after their founders struggled to find masculine clothing cut to fit bodies with wider hips and chests. Wildfang wants every person to feel amazing in clothing that reflects their personal style, embracing our masculine, our feminine, and our-everything-in-between.

Central to this celebration of every body is creating an inclusive range of sizes. The brand’s suiting collection ranges from sizes 2-20 and jackets up to 2x. Throughout their website, Wildfang features models of different body types and ages. 

Wildfang ensures shopping is a fun and affirming experience for their audience by offering virtual fit sessions with stylists. Shoppers can receive help discovering new items and getting answers to their fit questions, relieving the stress that can come with shopping for items that traditionally haven’t fit them correctly. 

Wildfang text

Because finding the perfect fit is so important to their audience, the fashion brand texts their SMS subscribers customer reviews of popular items along with product photos. Wildfang also shares customers’ photos showcasing their favorite style on their Instagram. This inclusive social media approach helps their audience understand how items could look on them, making Wildfang even more accessible.  

We Are Fluide: Treating text subscribers like “fam” 

Cosmetics brand We Are Fluide—the product of intergenerational allyship—believes that no one should be left out of the joy and transformative power of makeup. We Are Fluide gives a platform to and amplifies the voices of queer and gender-expansive identities to inspire their audience to find their own self-expression. 

We Are Fluide’s goal is to build an inclusive community of beauty lovers, starting with their website. Each product—all named after queer parties and venues—has a collection of images showcasing how different creatives used it to express themselves. 

The brand’s “About” page on their website spotlights the We Are Fluide team—sharing their pronouns, what parts of the business they focus on, and why they’re passionate about makeup as a form of self-expression. The team regularly publishes blog posts sharing inspiration, intimate conversations, and how-to’s to further foster a sense of community. 

we are fluide text

Community is central to We Are Fluide’s text messaging program. The brand refers to their subscribers as “fam” in the message welcoming them to their SMS program. This “fam” centers on queer people, communicating that everyone who loves beauty can use their products to express their personal style. Each text message is infused with their playful, empowering brand voice to help subscribers feel like they’re a part of a group chat. 

Kirrin Finch: Tailoring fashion advice

Gender-defying fashion brand Kirrin Finch creates menswear-inspired clothing that fits a range of female and non-binary bodies. Named after two iconic tomboys—Georgina Kirrin and Scout Finch—the brand meets the growing demand for people who don't want to settle for ill-fitting “menswear” or overly feminine “womenswear.” 

Kirrin Finch rejects traditional stereotypes, focusing on designing exceptionally tailored clothing that makes people feel comfortable and confident in who they are. The brand’s website features models with a spectrum of gender expressions and body types so customers can picture what an item could look like on them. 

The apparel brand also launched a blog to offer fashion advice. From sharing styling inspiration for individual items like vests to highlighting outfit options for major events like weddings, Kirrin Finch is on a mission to help every shopper feel like their authentic self.

Kirrin Finch text

Kirrin Finch carries their focus on fit into their text messaging program. They regularly text subscribers about popular and new products, highlighting the unique ways they’ve been tailored to fit their customers. 

KimChi Chic Beauty: Celebrating customers’ creativity 

KimChi Chic Beauty, founded by former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Kim Chi, helps people feel confident through fun, affordable makeup. The brand believes in beauty for all and the power of makeup to help people feel like elevated versions of themselves. 

The beauty brand knows that cost should never be a hurdle for someone expressing themselves. To make their brand as accessible as possible to beauty fans, KimChi Chic Beauty keeps all of their products below $30. Beyond price, KimChi Chic Beauty prioritizes inclusivity by offering a range of 26 concealer shades so every customer can find their perfect match. 

Celebrating creativity and individuality is central to KimChi Chic Beauty’s social media community. The brand regularly spotlights their audience’s looks and the products they used to create them on Instagram. KimChi Chic Beauty tags the creators in the posts so their audience can get even more inspiration. 

KimChi Chic Beauty personalizes their text messages to remind subscribers that beauty is for them—and that they belong in their SMS community. To deepen the sense of community on the channel, the automatic reminder is written in the brand’s signature empowering voice, positioning them as a fun friend you’ve brought along to go shopping.  

Building an inclusive brand means ensuring your audience sees themselves reflected in your values, imagery, and marketing. Placing your mission and values at the core of marketing efforts can help you further personalize your audience's experiences with your brand. 

Interested in how other innovative brands are using personalized text messaging to engage their mobile audience and build loyalty? Browse Texts We Love to discover impactful SMS marketing examples. 

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