How Attentive & Daasity Are Creating Personalized Customer Experiences

Attentive and Daasity
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Product News
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Oct 27, 2021
Written by
Greg Bauman
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Attentive’s integration with Daasity—a multi-channel DTC analytics solution—brings even more data into your customer segmentation strategy 

We’re thrilled to announce a new integration with Daasity, the leading multi-channel analytics solution for DTC brands. With Daasity’s Audience tool, merchants can stream data from across their tech stack into Attentive to build custom audience segments—allowing for more creative, targeted, and personalized SMS messages.

Earlier this week, we had a chance to sit down with Dan LeBlanc, Founder and CEO of Daasity, to share his thoughts on how brands can leverage this new integration to create better and more data-informed customer experiences. Here are some highlights from that conversation.

What is Audiences by Daasity and how does it uniquely fit into the market?

Audiences empowers brands with the insights and segmentation of a customer data platform. It allows e-commerce brands to use critical metrics to create new segments and journeys that send the right message to the right customer at the right time. With Audiences, any merchant can push customer data from their tech stack into Attentive to send customers more personalized messages at scale. 

What is the value of using Audiences with Attentive SMS?

It’s simple: Brands can create better, more personalized customer experiences when they have more data to leverage. Enriching customer data in Attentive allows marketers to connect and engage with customers more dynamically based on their individual behaviors. 

Audiences data is updated daily. A customer’s segments and automations are automatically updated as their behavior changes, which eliminates the risk of targeting a customer with stale data.

What data-driven insights are marketers missing to help them make better decisions for their SMS campaigns?

Automating messages based on customer engagement is great, but it’s just the beginning of what a marketer can accomplish with Attentive. To take your SMS campaign to the next level, create new journeys and segments based on where a customer is in their lifecycle. This approach is proven to drive more purchases at higher average order values. For example, you can trigger journeys based on a variety of critical metrics, such as a customer’s time between orders, including recency, frequency, monetary (their RFM score), average order value, customer lifetime value, gender, product purchases, product reviews, subscription status, and more.

This is just a glimpse of what can be accessed and incorporated when a brand uses Attentive with the customer data collected in Daasity.

How can marketers use these insights to benefit their campaigns?

Audiences let marketers message customers when they’re ready to buy as opposed to only messaging them around brand-driven events and holidays. This increases customers’ likelihood to buy. 

By tailoring SMS automations like repurchase and replenishment flows around a customer’s purchasing behavior, marketers can better adapt automations to message customers when they are ready to buy.

What’s your top tip to get immediate value out of this integration? 

I always recommend setting up Daasity’s High-Value Customer segment in Attentive. An HVC is a customer who buys most frequently from your store, and in Attentive, you can create a Journey that sends a message to HVCs as soon as they enter each segment.

Be sure to tell new HVCs about the perks of being a VIP and send them SMS messages that highlight exclusive access to products and promotions, free products, higher tiers of loyalty points and incentives–as well as exclusive digital and in-person events.

Learn more about how Attentive and Daasity are helping brands make data-driven decisions and personalized customer experiences through SMS.  

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