Important Changes to Third-Party Cookies, and What We’re Doing

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Product News
Published on
Mar 5, 2021
Written by
Lisa Khoury
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With Apple and Google making moves to protect their users’ privacy, you may be wondering if you need to make any changes to your Attentive program. Good news—you don’t.

Apple and Google recently announced that they’ll be taking significant steps to protect their users’ privacy. With the upcoming release of iOS 14.5, Apple will require users to explicitly opt-in to tracking. Google, meanwhile, announced plans to phase out third-party cookies by 2022.

If you’re wondering whether these changes will impact your SMS marketing program, the good news is that if you’re working with Attentive, you don’t have to take any action based on these changes to stay compliant and reach your customers.

Attentive’s platform is built with compliance in mind, and we’re focused on ensuring that we stay on top of changing industry standards and regulations that keep your consumers’ privacy top of mind—so you don’t have to.

Attentive is built on first-party cookies, not third-party cookies. This means our platform continues to serve the appropriate sign-up units and send the right triggered messaging to opted in subscribers, with no changes.

As more information comes out about iOS 14.5 and its impact on the broader ecosystem, we’ll continue to share industry news and best practices.

In the meantime, we do recommend that brands audit other existing marketing technologies—especially any platforms that provide services like cross-website user identity matching, exit intent email collection, and triggered email providers—and reach out to providers to confirm their plans to adjust to these upcoming changes.

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