Guide: Using Email Marketing and Text Messaging Together to Increase Customer Engagement

Tinuiti email and text message pairing
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SMS Marketing
Published on
Dec 19, 2019
Written by
Marissa Sanford
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Download the guide to discover how to build a thoughtful and powerful communication strategy using email marketing and text messaging in tandem.

Text message marketing and email are two powerful brand communications channels. How should marketers think about the unique roles of each channel, and how can they be “better together”?

With over 50% of emails being opened on mobile devices and read rates for text messages averaging 98%, pairing together email marketing and text messaging creates a huge opportunity for brands to engage subscribers across channels and at every step of the customer lifecycle.

You may be asking yourself, “where do I begin, exactly?” We created this guide—in partnership with digital marketing agency Tinuiti—to provide you with a framework for launching or building upon your existing programs to maximize the effectiveness of text messaging and email marketing. Simply put: when done well, these two channels are better together

Download the guide to learn:

  1. Similarities and unique benefits of text messaging and email when communicating with consumers
  2. How to integrate text messaging and email in the customer journey—and how to successfully use the two channels in tandem
  3. Acquisition tactics to create or grow a subscriber list for both channels (bonus: how to grow both lists through cross-channel acquisition)
  4. How to identify, set, and evaluate goals for both email and text messaging channels and improve over time
  5. …plus so much more!

Ready to build a text messaging program that complements your email efforts?


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