New: Create & Edit SMS + Email Sign-Up Units & Welcome Messages in the Attentive Platform

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Product News
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Oct 20, 2020
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Pia Tserkonis
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Now, Attentive customers can fully customize their Attentive-powered SMS and email sign-up units, welcome messages, and coupons.

Today we’re excited to announce new enhancements to our platform to help brands grow their lists even faster—including the ability to create, customize, and manage sign-up units, coupons, and welcome messages—all built with compliance at the forefront. This will help our customers significantly increase their revenue with faster SMS and email list growth, while also making it easier to manage, test, and optimize their Attentive programs.

Why it matters:

Customers love our extensive suite of sign-up units. Attentive’s units are highly customizable to fit each brand, tested across thousands of devices, and designed with compliance in mind.

One of our customers’ biggest requests has been to quickly make changes and edits to their SMS and email sign-up units on their own. This will allow them to easily test more units, improve their performance, and scale their SMS programs.

This new tool gives me even greater flexibility and control over the customer journey. This is a huge win for us as we continue to take our SMS program to the next level.

– Blake Imperl, Conversational Marketing Manager, AutoBrush

Our new features:

Create and design sign-up units

We’re making it easy to create and customize high-performing, on-brand sign-up units—all directly within the Attentive platform. These new product updates will help brands to quickly grow both their email and text messaging lists, increase revenue, and drive more brand loyalty.

Compliance in mind

Attentive is built with compliance in mind, and will automatically check for ADA compliance to help sign-up units meet regulatory guidelines.

Welcome messages with integrated coupon options

Easily create and manage welcome messages that greet new subscribers with relevant and targeted content immediately after they opt in to receive text messages from your brand. To help drive immediate sales, we recommend including a static or dynamic coupon with the welcome message.

Drive more revenue

With these enhancements, you’ll have even more control and flexibility over the end-to-end sign-up flow and welcome journey experience in one easy workflow—making it easier to optimize and improve your list growth, which is the biggest factor in driving sales from SMS.

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