Make Data-Driven Decisions in Less Time—With Personalized SMS Insights & Performance Snapshots

Personalized sms insights board
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Product News
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Jan 13, 2022
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Pia Tserkonis
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Use data-driven recommendations and visualizations to inform every step of your SMS strategy. 

Analyzing and optimizing your SMS marketing performance ensures you're continuously driving the best results over the long term. 

We’re kicking off the new year with updates to our platform that will save you time when it comes to understanding your text messaging channel’s performance, and take the guesswork out of identifying what you need to do to improve. These updates will help you: 

  • Make smarter decisions in less time with personalized insights and recommendations that highlight the next best action to take.
  • Understand what’s driving results in real time with data visualizations that you can track, even when you’re on the go. 
  • Discover relevant content and best practices—based on our experience working with over 5,000 brands—directly in the Attentive platform, without digging around for answers to your most important questions.

Make faster, data-informed decisions 

When you log in to your Attentive account, you’ll notice that your homepage looks a little different. Now, you can get personalized insights that will help you decide what to do next, and data snapshots to show you how your program is performing at a glance. 

art abandonment examples

The previous Dashboard tab is now called Home. It features new Smart Recommendations that highlight opportunities to help you make more informed decisions, reach your goals faster, and prevent missing out on key revenue-generating moments. 

All recommendations are displayed based on your previous activity in the Attentive platform. As you implement our recommendations, new ones will take their place, so you’ll always have opportunities to drive revenue and build loyalty, without the guesswork. Our suggested actions are broken out by goals, including: 

  • Maximize revenue
  • Grow your list
  • Drive ROI 
  • Integrate with your tech stack

You’ll also notice a “Featured” category which showcases our highest impact recommendations that will drive immediate value for your program. Be sure to check out your recommendations as we’ve added new time-sensitive and seasonal suggestions that you can plan ahead for. 

featured category drop down

Finally, we’ve added helpful SMS resources, like blog posts and video content, to the Home tab. This content shows you best practices, insights on new SMS strategies to try, and educational topics to guide your approach to creating campaigns and triggered flows—all in one convenient location.

Our new homepage will continue to show a snapshot of your program’s performance metrics over a specified date range. From this section, you can quickly jump to our new analytics dashboard.

Track, measure, and optimize your SMS program’s performance in real time—no reports required 

Analyzing your SMS program’s performance can be time consuming, especially because you might not know what to look for to help you make the right decisions. Our new Analytics tab provides multiple ways to analyze metrics so you can quickly understand what’s working (and what’s not), spot key trends, and optimize your program strategy. 

You no longer have to generate reports and then spend time in a spreadsheet figuring out what the numbers mean. Instead, you’ll see intuitive snapshots of your program’s performance.

Filter by pre-set date ranges—such as last 30 days, month to date, last year, and more—or set your own custom range. You can also compare the metrics from your specified dates to previous dates, showing you performance over time.

subscriber growth line charts

Pay attention to key metrics such as new subscribers and unsubscribes, emails collected, revenue growth, and message send volume. This will help you understand trends, and identify areas where you can optimize based on your goals. 

Don’t worry—you can still generate pre-built reports to drill further down into your performance. Schedule them or pull ad-hoc reports that you can review and analyze as needed.

Having access to reporting at all times is critical. The more you can understand your subscriber, revenue, and message send volume trends, the better you’ll be able to run a smarter text message marketing strategy. 

In the spirit of being mobile-first, you can easily view your recommendations and performance on the go from your phone with our enhanced mobile view. Just log in to the Attentive platform from your mobile device to view your newest recommendations, performance, and overall trends—any time you want.

Learn more about how Attentive can help you send powerful text messages and have personalized conversations with your customers. Or, request a demo, and get started with a free trial.

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