Attentive Product Spotlight: Text-to-Buy with Shop Pay, International Offerings, and New Integrations

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Product News
Published on
Oct 6, 2022
Written by
Deja Amato
Deja is a Product Marketing Manager at Attentive. She enjoys console gaming and horror films, and once won an arm wrestling contest in Mexico.
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From letting subscribers make purchases via text to offering more streamlined reporting, our latest features and integrations will help you drive more conversions with SMS.

We’re always working to make Attentive better and more powerful, so you can drive more revenue via SMS at every point in the customer lifecycle. 

Today, we’re excited to share updates on some of our latest features and integrations that'll help you continue to see results.

Turn browsers into buyers with frictionless checkout built for mobile shopping

example of text-to-buy with shop pay

Text-to-Buy with Shop Pay lets you convert your subscribers into buyers. This new release allows subscribers to respond to promotional text messages to initiate the checkout flow.

Customers can check out in as few as two text messages: A customer first responds to a brand’s promotional message to initiate the checkout flow. Once the customer confirms their shipping & payment details by replying “BUY,” the order is automatically placed via text.

Text-to-Buy is great for:

  • Replenishment
  • New product drops / promotions
  • Upselling across variants/colors or complementary products
  • Cart & checkout abandonment

Expand your reach to the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada

map of supported countries

Now, you can grow your audience with Attentive’s offerings across the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada–with more European countries coming soon. Send localized and personalized messages that convert your international audience into brand advocates.

Our international offerings were also designed with region-specific compliance in mind to help you align with applicable requirements while easily building and engaging with your audience.

Improve personalization and relevancy with product data

example of using product data to segment text messages

Tap into your product catalog data to send highly relevant messages and increase ROI.

With product data, you can segment your customers using browsing and purchasing behavior tied to product attributes, such as product category, price, brand, availability, and other attributes. For example, you can send a targeted message to customers who recently browsed a specific product category or who purchased a high-value item. Or, only send a cart abandonment message if the product is still in stock.

You can also send triggered high-performing back-in-stock, low inventory, and price drop messages. On average, customers drive over $2 per message using Attentive’s back-in-stock journey.

Easily sync your product catalog with our new and existing-commerce integrations:

Learn more about Attentive’s e-commerce integrations by visiting the App Marketplace in the Attentive platform or check out our Integrations.

Optimize for performance with streamlined reporting

example of pre-built reports in Attentive

Take the guesswork out of measuring success. Generate, view, and export comprehensive new reports on your important performance data, including:

  • Subscriber growth
  • Campaign performance 
  • Daily message cost
  • Campaign spend details
  • Sign-up unit performance 
  • Automated message performance 

Preview metrics with visuals like interactive charts and tables, or generate a pre-built report.

View your metrics, grouped into general categories, such as subscriber activity and campaign performance to prioritize your most important data for easier analysis. Or, generate a pre-built report and choose the sending cadence that fits your needs.

New integrations to make your tech stack work harder for you 

new integrations with Attentive

We know that you use a lot of different tools, and keeping things connected to your current tech stack is critical. Check out these eight new integrations to help you grow your subscriber lists faster, increase engagement with personalization, and drive more revenue:

Discover over 80 tools that work seamlessly with Attentive in our new App Marketplace.

Sign in to your Attentive account to try out these new features and updates today.

Not using Attentive yet? Sign up for a free trial to see why 5,000+ brands rely on us to create personalized experiences at scale.

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