Texts We Love: Game Day Edition

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Feb 9, 2022
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Score a touchdown during this year’s big game with these SMS marketing ideas.

Kickoff is just around the corner for the largest football event of the year.

While we might associate the big game with its famous TV commercials, it’s all about channel teamwork this year. With 47% of viewers planning to use their phones to text during the game, this is the time to leverage your mobile channels and connect with your SMS audience.

But your SMS strategy shouldn’t stop at the buzzer. From pre-game prep campaigns to timely flash sales, your campaigns can take advantage of the marketing opportunity all weekend. 

Check out some of our customers’ campaigns that drove revenue and engagement for the big game.

Talia di Napoli: Helping subscribers tackle game day parties

Talia di Napoli encouraged subscribers to hand off the game day catering with their artisanal frozen pizzas. By showcasing how their products make for the perfect party food, they drove larger orders while making it easier for subscribers to tackle game time.

Beyond convenience, the brand highlighted the pizza’s quality with a reminder of the brand’s story (“from the wood-fired ovens of Naples“) and a mouthwatering image. With the timely percent-off discount and bonus sweet treat, subscribers were quick to jump on the convenient opportunity.

Lutema: Encouraging large orders with on-theme discounts

Win or lose, game day is about enjoying time with friends and family. Face mask retailer Lutema knew their subscribers would be prioritizing safety for their gatherings, so they sent a relevant discount to stock up for the whole team.

They tied in their lighthearted brand voice with an eye catching graphic and enticing percent-off discount. This timely strategy anticipated their consumers’ needs while encouraging larger orders.

Piper Lou: Engaging football fans with seasonal products

After promoting their football collections all-season, Piper Lou kicked off playoffs with a discount on their curated collection. With a subscriber audience full of engaged sports fans, SMS was the ideal channel to tap into the energy surrounding the event.

They infused the graphic with football-themed imagery, and sparked subscribers’ interest with a sneak peek into some of their bestsellers. Their timely messaging (“while they’re HOT”) and direct link drove immediate action from their highly engaged SMS audience.

Deal Genius: Motivating customers to gear up for the party

Deal Genius—an online retailer for discounted clothes, decor, and more—helped their subscribers host their game day parties with a convenient discount. This campaign was the perfect encouragement to gear up for the big day.

Deal Genius carries a large range of product types, so the direct link and limited sale helped subscribers discover new products and categories. The brand’s timely reminder and added incentive captured revenue starting weeks before the game.

No Days Wasted: Anticipating subscribers’ needs with pre-game prep

Vitamin and supplements brand No Days Wasted anticipated their subscribers’ needs with a playful pre-game prep campaign. Their relevant image and messaging (“#1 draft pick”) built excitement around the big day.

While the generous sale was sitewide, they promoted their DHM Detox as the perfect fix for the day after the celebration. The recommendation and discount enticed subscribers who wanted to enjoy the festivities all day, without having to add recovery to their Sunday Scaries. 

GetFPV: Driving online revenue into overtime

GetFPV—an online retailer for drones and related products—kept the party going with a post-game promotion of their “Drone Bowl” sale. As customers were on their phone decompressing from the day’s celebrations, this was the perfect opportunity to connect with their SMS audience and drive mobile revenue.

The brand tapped into the game day hype with punny messaging (“double dip it”) to promote their overstock orders. By waiting until after the game, their campaign strategy helped clear out inventory and drive mobile orders.

From weeks before the event to post-game recovery, these brands’ campaigns take advantage of the annual opportunity to connect with their community. These types of timely strategies can help your brand take part in the excitement by celebrating with your highly engaged subscribers.

Looking to plan ahead on future marketing strategies? Browse hundreds of text messaging campaigns sent by our customers in our SMS gallery, Texts We Love, and find more seasonal inspiration for upcoming marketing moments.

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