How Big Blanket Co Doubled SMS Revenue Using Personalized Text Message Marketing

Big Blanket Co


overall SMS program ROI


increase in SMS revenue within 30 days


of total revenue generated by text messages sent via Attentive

Learn how Big Blanket Co uses a combination of campaign and triggered text messages to provide subscribers with personalized, 1:1 experiences.


Big Blanket Co doesn’t just sell blankets—they sell “the biggest, best blankets in the world.” At 10×10 feet, and with multiple collections to choose from, Big Blanket Co’s products make it easy for everyone to snuggle up and get comfortable (even NBA all-stars and sumo wrestlers).


Big Blanket Co wanted to explore a mobile-first marketing strategy that would help them reach consumers on their preferred channel and ensure they were delivering superior customer experiences at every touchpoint.

The brand tested the waters with another text message marketing platform but was underwhelmed by the results. Big Blanket Co partnered with Conversmart—a D2C agency specializing in SMS and email, and an Attentive Elite Agency Partner—to kick their text message marketing strategy into high gear.


Conversmart understood Big Blanket Co was new to navigating text message marketing and—based on previous experience—uncertain about the value it could provide. Conversmart launched Big Blanket Co’s new SMS marketing program—including copy and design for website sign-up forms, triggered message automation flows, and much more—in only a few days with the implementation assistance of Attentive’s dedicated Client Strategy team.

We sent our launch strategies to Big Blanket Co for approval on a Tuesday, and with Attentive’s help had the brand’s tags, integrations, first campaign, and automations all set up, tested, and launched by the end of the week.”

– Mariah Ring, Mobile Messaging Specialist, Conversmart

Attentive’s “Email First” sign-up technology—which can be used on mobile and desktop websites—made it easy for Big Blanket Co to expand both their email and SMS subscriber lists simultaneously, increasing them by 142% and 244%, respectively, in only four months.


Big Blanket Co uses a combination of campaign and triggered text messages to provide subscribers with personalized, 1:1 experiences, working with Conversmart to consistently test, optimize, and scale their strategy.

The brand sends a minimum of three to four campaign messages per week, often treating subscribers like VIPs by providing them with exclusive deals and early access to products. Text messages highlighting back-in-stock items and new product releases help Big Blanket Co stay top of mind among consumers, while time-sensitive promotions encourage shoppers to take immediate action.

Sending SMS subscribers specific back-in-stock alerts and early access to sales events has proven to be very successful, generating five figures in revenue per campaign.”

– Mariah Ring, Mobile Messaging Specialist, Conversmart

Beyond promotional text messages, Big Blanket Co humanizes their brand and creates connections with subscribers by sharing fun behind-the-scenes content—such as photos and videos from their warehouse team—as well as emphasizing their small business roots. They also provide social proof by highlighting customer reviews.

Additionally, Big Blanket Co uses Attentive’s triggered messages to automatically drive revenue based on subscriber behaviors. Welcome messages featuring coupon codes are sent to new subscribers, along with content explaining the brand’s story, products, and benefits. Cart abandonment text messages remind subscribers of products they added to their carts but didn’t purchase, and browse abandonment messages encourage subscribers who recently viewed a product to continue on their buyer journey. Post-purchase messages reassure shoppers by confirming their orders, thanking them for their business, and offering them discounts on future purchases in return for referring family and friends.

Conversmart uses Attentive’s Segment Builder to help Big Blanket Co send personalized text messages based on subscribers’ actions and purchase histories, such as when a subscriber viewed a product on its website or last clicked on an offer. And since Attentive is built to integrate with other technologies—including CRM, ESP, e-commerce, customer support, and customer data platforms—Big Blanket Co can centralize relevant data and amplify the power of their existing tech stack.

One example of this is Attentive’s integration with Shopify, which enables Conversmart and Big Blanket Co to use historical customer purchase data stored in Shopify to create additional targeted segments for enhanced text message personalization. Meanwhile, Attentive’s Gorgias integration empowers Big Blanket Co’s customer support team to directly answer customer requests sent via text message. All text messages received from a customer are automatically forwarded to the brand’s customer support team queue in Gorgias so they can quickly assist the customer.

Attentive easily integrates with Gorgias and into our CX team’s workflow so customers get personalized, timely responses. We think it’s important to meet customers where they’re at so the experience with Big Blanket Co is easy and simple. With the Attentive and Gorgias integration, we don’t miss a beat, and it feels seamless to the customer.”

– Annie Elzey, Director of Strategy, Big Blanket Co


With Conversmart’s strategic guidance and Attentive’s best-in-class platform, Big Blanket Co increased SMS revenue by more than 100% in their first 30 days of using Attentive. Within only four months of launching their SMS marketing program, text messages sent via Attentive account for 18% of Big Blanket Co’s total revenue.

The Conversmart team stepped in and immediately transformed our SMS program with killer strategy and on-brand creative that helped more than double revenue from SMS in the first 30 days.”

– Annie Elzey, Director of Strategy, Big Blanket Co

In addition to a substantial increase in total active subscribers and campaign messages that regularly generate five figures in revenue, Big Blanket Co has seen great success with triggered messages that drive high conversion rates—including a 66.8% CVR on 30-minute cart abandonment text message reminders. This has helped Big Blanket Co achieve a 56x+ ROI on their text message marketing program since partnering with Conversmart and implementing Attentive.

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