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How Luna Grill Turns Casual Diners into Loyal Guests With Data-Driven Personalization

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Learn how the Mediterranean fast-casual restaurant Luna Grill uses SMS to capture first- and zero-party data, deliver a more personalized customer experience, and build relationships that drive more online order revenue

Luna Grill’s brand purpose is to inspire others to make good food choices. Since 2004, they've been serving guests the fresh and sunny flavors of real Mediterranean cooking. With 52 locations in California and Texas, Luna Grill’s mission is to bring family and friends together to share a meal while enjoying an elevated fast-casual experience.

Building stronger relationships outside of in-person dining

Luna Grill’s biggest marketing focus has always been on building strong relationships with their loyal guests to keep them coming back. As consumer preferences shifted away from dining in and more towards online ordering, third-party delivery, and digital messaging, they needed to alter their approach. That meant finding a way to get to know guests digitally and provide them with 5-star experience, without the in-person interactions they once relied on. 

Finding a channel to engage guests in a timely, personalized way based on their online ordering behavior

While Luna Grill had relied primarily on email and push notifications to engage guests remotely in the past, they wanted to add something to their toolkit that felt more conversational. Given the immediacy and two-way nature of SMS, it seemed like the perfect fit. “It’s important to talk to our guests and not at them,” said Morgan Rogers, Director of Marketing. “One-to-one marketing is crucial in today’s world and SMS is the right program to allow us to talk to each guest personally.”

Working with Attentive was an easy choice, given that they could easily integrate it with their online ordering platform, Olo. With Attentive and Olo, they could send targeted messages to guests based on their ordering behavior and easily track attribution revenue. 

Getting to know–and better serve–their guests with first- and zero-party data

Leveraging guests’ purchase behavior is key to Luna Grill’s SMS strategy. By identifying trends in guest ordering behavior, they can segment their guest and send them timely, personalized messages to help them build relationships and ultimately, drive more orders. 

For example, Luna Grill noticed an increase in order sizes among a number of guests. They realized that because many of their guests were working from home, they had more time to have dinner with their families more often, so they placed larger orders. When they decided to create a new Mediterranean Family Meal product to serve these guests, they were easily able to promote the new product to those that were most likely to be interested. They simply sent a message to a segmented list of guests who frequently placed larger orders.

Since then, they’ve continued to run campaigns to these guests to offer family meals when they most need them, such as during graduation when they are likely to be throwing family parties, or during busy back-to-school weeks. 

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In addition to using first-party data like online ordering behavior, Luna Grill was able to use the two-way nature of SMS to also gather valuable zero-party data from guests. For example, Luna Grill uses SMS to ask guests to share their birthdays. They're then able to use that data to connect with guests to celebrate their special occasion with personalized offers like free desserts.

Luna grill birthday text message

Driving 74x+ ROI–and just as many offer redemptions as their loyalty app 

Since partnering with Attentive, Luna Grill has seen 74x+ ROI from their SMS program, and this year, their campaigns have achieved an average conversion rate of 95%. Their family meal campaigns are some of their strongest converters, with many guests placing orders more than once. They’ve also found that they see just as many redemptions for SMS as they do from their loyalty app, making SMS a perfect compliment to drive additional loyalty behavior.

What’s next: leaning more into conversations

Luna Grill has been leaning into the conversational nature of SMS by having real-time conversations with subscribers using Attentive Concierge™. Concierge lets Luna Grill even more closely replicate in-person assistance and experiences by putting subscribers directly in touch with customer service.

“We’ve been really excited to start using Concierge. Our guests feel heard because they can respond to us, get a real response back, and have issues resolved instantly,” said Rogers.  “We’re already seeing fewer customer service tickets–so it’s a win-win for our subscribers and our customer service team.” 

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