Attentive Product Spotlight: Custom Reporting, Attentive Email, and Magic Composer

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Product News
Published on
Feb 9, 2023
Written by
Robert Lorenzen
Robert is a Senior Director of Product Marketing at Attentive. As a life-long west coast native currently living in the Bay Area, he loves all things outdoors. When he's not writing product messaging, Robert enjoys cycling, skiing, and wrangling his four young kiddos.
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Get the rundown on new tools to help you orchestrate SMS and email, drive growth across newly launched markets, and deliver more personalized customer experiences.

Today, more than ever, marketers are focused on getting the most out of every paid channel. Our team is continually working to improve the Attentive Platform to help you drive higher ROI from SMS marketing. And over the last 12 months, we’ve launched over 75 new features, 15+ integrations, and two brand-new products, Attentive Email and Attentive Concierge™, which allows you to deliver 1:1 conversational SMS experiences at scale.

Every quarter we bring together our customers at Beyond the Message to share our latest and greatest product innovations, showcase success stories from leading brands, and highlight best practices. Last week, our co-founder and CEO Brian Long and CMO Sara Varni, gave attendees an inside look at all the new feature enhancements the team has launched—and shared actionable strategies and inspiration that customers could implement right away.

Build bespoke reports for your brand’s precise needs

reports example

With uncertainty clouding everyone’s 2023 predictions, marketers are more focused than ever on using data to drive performance optimization. Everyone is re-evaluating their strategies and focusing time and resources on improving proven tactics.

The newly-enhanced custom reporting capabilities within the Attentive Platform make it easier for you to track your program's success, share results with stakeholders, and uncover opportunities to get even more out of SMS. You can now easily create and customize reports as you need, filter your data, and drill down to unlock insights that help you better understand how your SMS program is performing over time. Thanks to this new and enhanced reporting flexibility, you can now find even more opportunities to take your SMS program’s ROI to the next level.

Custom reporting is currently in beta. If you’re interested in learning more, talk to your CSM.

Explore new and enhanced features in Attentive Email

attentive email

With Attentive Email, our goal was to create a high performance product that was backed by our best-in-class Client Strategy team. In the product design phase, we heard that poor customer support was the #1 reason customers were frustrated with their current ESP provider. Today, 500 brands are using Attentive Email and on average, they’re seeing an 84% lift in revenue.

Over the last three months, we've continued to build a more powerful product, introducing over 10 new feature enhancements to help you drive even more revenue from your email program, including:

  • Additional dynamic variables to enhance email personalization based on subscriber data
  • Automated product recommendations based on e-commerce data, with the ability to customize by excluding products
  • Shopify integration to send transactional emails for order confirmation, shipping, and more
  • Enhanced reporting and analytics with deliverability by mailbox provider, pre-built reports and visualizations, and link performance tracking

If you’re interested in getting started with Attentive Email, join our waitlist and reach out to your CSM.

Orchestrate multi-channel campaigns with Magic Composer

magic composer

While SMS and email are great channels on their own, we know the real magic comes when brands coordinate communications across touch points

But getting SMS and email to work together is easier said than done. Multiple platforms, disparate data, and overly manual processes can make cross-channel coordination a nightmare. It often takes too much time to schedule SMS and email message sequences across the channels. And even with the best intentions and focus, customers will often receive duplicate messages and walk away with a bad experience.

Enter Magic Composer, a seamless way to orchestrate high-performing SMS and email campaigns. Magic Composer brings together your SMS and email marketing into a single, unified UI for writing and scheduling both your SMS and email messages. It even has built-in logic that retargets subscribers based on engagement and optimizes performance in real time. Using Magic Composer, you can now deliver a holistic, multi-channel customer experience without the hassle of managing two separate platforms.

Magic Composer is currently in Beta. If you’re interested in participating, reach out to your CSM.

Connect with consumers across the globe using a single SMS platform

international map

In the United States, SMS marketing has hit critical mass–81.2% of consumers have already signed up for at least one SMS marketing program––and that number keeps growing. Marketers are getting more and more sophisticated with their segmentation and orchestration strategies.

But globally, SMS marketing hasn't been tapped as broadly. Across the UK, Canada, and Australia, over 85% of consumers want to get text messages from brands, but fewer than 33% do today. There’s tremendous opportunity for global brands to engage consumers worldwide through personalized SMS messages. 

Our team is hard at work building the infrastructure to support the Attentive Platform across new markets. We're excited to announce that Attentive is now live in 7 new countries: France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, and Ireland. Thanks to increased global availability, you can streamline your tech stack to drive revenue growth across your global markets with one, integrated SMS platform.

Learn more about our international offerings.

Convert mobile users to engaged subscribers with the Mobile SDK

Mobile sdk gif

The crux of any high-performing SMS marketing program is list growth. Finding new ways to attract new subscribers is the engine that powers sales via SMS. But there’s only so much you can do to convert web traffic (here are some tips on making the most of your website).

The new Attentive Mobile SDK allows brands to use high-performing Attentive sign-up tools, including our patented Two-Tap Mobile Technology, to engage mobile app users via SMS. It also tracks ‌in-app purchases to help personalize SMS messages. Using the Mobile SDK, brands can boost their list growth while providing a more seamless customer experience across mobile and SMS.

If you’re interested in joining the Mobile SDK beta, contact your CSM for more information.

Anticipate customer needs with conversational insights

conversational insights

In addition to list growth, collecting data based on engagement has been a major theme for marketers. Conversational experiences are a highly effective way to create personalized, 1:1 engagement—but they also provide an opportunity to gather actionable insights.

Thanks to the brand-new conversational insights built into Attentive Concierge™, brands can keep tabs on what’s top of mind for their customers. Built-in analytics show you which conversational topics are trending, like new products or sizing questions. Within each topic you can track the number of conversations and escalations to make sure customers have a delightful experience.

Conversational insights are available today to all Attentive Concierge customers.

If you missed the virtual event or want to rewatch the product updates, customer stories, and strategy sessions, check out the full recording.

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