7 New Year’s Marketing Ideas to Ring in Revenue and Loyalty

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SMS Marketing
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Dec 14, 2023
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Kayla Ellman
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Let the countdown begin. Use these strategies to spark success in 2024 (and beyond).

After the holiday shopping rush settles down, consumers turn their attention from buying gifts to preparing for the New Year. They're looking to refresh their wardrobes, stock up on essentials, and create new routines and habits. 

Whether you need to clear your inventory to make room for new merchandise, or just want to keep your sales going strong between December and January, you can tap into this mindset shift with campaigns that help your customers get everything they need. 

If you used website sign-up units to grow your audience over the holiday season, you'll also be starting the new year with more email and SMS subscribers. This is the perfect time to focus on nurturing those relationships to build long-term loyalty

From end-of-year promotions to resolution support, here are seven New Year’s marketing ideas to help you set the stage for a successful 2024.

1. DUSK: Starting the countdown clock early to drive conversions

text message from DUSK on a pink background

Chic homewares brand DUSK kicked off their "Big Winter Sale" with exclusive early access for their SMS subscribers. The generous sitewide discount gave eager shoppers the chance to beat the rush and ring in the new year with stylish home decor at a great price. But they only had limited time to take advantage of the head start, creating a sense of urgency for them to shop immediately and avoid missing out on their favorite finds. 

DUSK also sent non-purchasers reminders about the sale throughout the week—counting down to the end of their early access—to keep the momentum going and maximize end-of-year revenue.

2. Only Curls: Personally thanking customers for their loyalty 

text message from Only Curls on a pink background

London-based hair care brand Only Curls wanted to take a moment during the busy holiday season to thank their customers and reflect on their growth. In a heartfelt message, the founder expressed gratitude for the support of their "curly family" and teased exciting plans for the year ahead. As a small family-owned company, fostering a sense of community with their loyal customers is incredibly valuable. So before signing off, the founder also invited customers to reply directly to the message and share their thoughts, ask questions, or just chat with the team. 

3. Farmacy Beauty: Saving beauty budgets with a subscription sale 

text message from Farmacy Beauty on a pink background

Clean skincare brand Farmacy Beauty launched a subscription sale to help customers save big and simplify their beauty routines. The limited-time offer gave them the chance to lock in an increased discount "for life" by opting into auto-delivery before the end of the year. It's a smart strategy that guarantees subscribers never run out of their favorite products while increasing revenue and long-term loyalty for the brand. 

4. MATE the Label: Clearing space for new inventory

text messages from MATE the Label on a pink background

MATE the Label came up with a clever plan to reduce their inventory before moving warehouses in the new year: asking customers to help lighten the load by doing some shopping. The sustainable clothing brand announced they were having a major sale at the end of December and kept their promotions going into January, nudging non-purchasers with reminders along the way. Anyone who waited until the last minute to shop the sale was rewarded with an even bigger discount to snag their favorite items at an incredible price. 

Keep in mind: This strategy works even if you're not moving warehouses. If you find yourself with excess inventory that needs to be cleared out, host a warehouse sale and let your audience know you need their help making room for new items or collections. Remind them that some products might not be coming back, so they'll want to act fast before they're gone for good.

5. APL: Raising a toast with champagne-inspired products

text message with a GIF from APL on a pink background

APL has the perfect product to help their customers start the new year on the right foot: their Metallic Champagne Running Shoe. The luxury performance footwear brand tapped into the tradition of popping open a bubbly beverage to promote the celebratory colorway at the end of December. They also paired their message with a GIF showing off the sleek design to capture people's attention and inspire them to add a touch of glamor to their shoe collection. 

Quick SMS tip: ​​MMS can help you stand out and drive conversions. 56% of consumers say they’re more likely to engage with text messages if they include GIFs, images, or emojis.

6. Aurate: Celebrating their sustainability milestones 

text message from Aurate on a pink background

As a sustainability-minded fine jewelry brand, Aurate wanted to shine a light on their accomplishments from the year before. They sent customers a short and sweet text report at the beginning of January recapping their biggest wins, like how many pieces they made (and sold) from recycled gold and their charitable contributions. Aurate made sure to emphasize the role their customers played in making a positive impact, inviting them to continue being a part of their journey.

7. Cozy Earth: Supporting subscribers with their resolutions

conversational text message from Cozy Earth on a pink background

Cozy Earth checked in with their audience in mid-January to see how their resolutions were going. The luxury bedding and loungewear brand asked customers to share their progress, then used Attentive's Two-Way Journeys™ to offer a few words of encouragement based on their responses. The message acknowledged how tough it can be to form new habits, so whether someone said "YES" or "NO" to sticking with their resolutions, they got a special offer as motivation to keep going. 

Thoughtful campaigns like this—that aren't just about selling products—show customers you care about them and help create a sense of community and support. 

Explore our full marketing calendar for key dates and campaign ideas, and find more inspiration for 2024 and beyond in our SMS gallery, Texts We Love.

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