How SMS Helps Uncommon Goods Lead With Authenticity

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Learn how Uncommon Goods increases loyalty by sharing their B Corp values over SMS.

Uncommon Goods, a B Corporation based in Brooklyn, focuses on having a positive impact on their employees, community, and the planet. Their online store features products and goods designed in-house and from independent makers, creating a one-of-a-kind marketplace for people looking for something original while giving back to a good cause. 

With colorful illustrations and friendly copy on their website, Uncommon Goods strives to make value-orientated shopping approachable. And with every purchase, Uncommon Goods donates $1 to a customer’s chosen partner through their Better to Give program.

Setting up a new SMS foundation 

While Uncommon Goods had prior experience with SMS, they were looking for an industry-leading partner who offered new opportunities to reach customers through higher-touch messaging and two-way conversations

They also wanted to lean into the strengths of SMS to recreate the authenticity and approachable nature of their brand that their customers had come to expect from them. With the right partner, Uncommon Goods could realize their vision for the channel, which they hoped would foster trust and build long-term loyalty

And, because they didn’t have a standalone loyalty provider, Uncommon Goods needed a platform that could act as one through a custom API. When Brian Hashemi, Chief Marketing and Analytics Officer at Uncommon Goods, learned about Attentive’s platform capabilities and strategic support offerings, he decided to make the switch. 

Today, having a functioning SMS program is table stakes for modern marketing organizations. It’s not often that new loyalty channels get created, so we knew we had to jump at that chance. We also knew that we should be partnering with a provider that’s a leader in the space, that’s going to push us to try new strategies outside of our comfort zone.

- Brian Hashemi, Chief Marketing and Analytics Officer, Uncommon Goods

Sharing brand values through SMS

Initially, Uncommon Goods wasn’t sure how SMS would align with their existing email program. But they quickly realized that their customers were happy to opt in to both their email and SMS lists. With Attentive’s 2-in-1 sign-up units, they found how easy it was to grow both lists at the same time.

Uncommon Goods also saw how well their subscribers responded to text messages that emphasized their values and social stances, particularly when those messages were written to sound like they came from an actual human. 

With this insight, they focused on leaning into the approachable nature of SMS to achieve their brand mission of giving back and introducing shoppers to independent artists. 

When they see their purchase helps support an independent artist, or gives back to a non-profit organization or cause they believe in, that’s something that enhances the value of the product in their eyes. It’s why they’re shopping with us—it’s part of what makes the goods uncommon.

- Brian Hashemi, Chief Marketing and Analytics Officer, Uncommon Goods

Building a loyalty channel with a custom API 

Subscribers were already highly engaged with SMS, so it seemed like a great channel for messaging them about loyalty rewards. It was personal, timely, and led to more conversions. 

Since Uncommon Goods didn’t have a standalone loyalty provider, they built a custom 'Perks' API with Attentive. This allowed them to segment SMS subscribers based on their membership status and encourage Perks program sign-ups and engagement.

That same approach to a warm, personal voice for their loyalty customers was put to use across three campaigns: Perks Days, their summer sale, and the #ugambassador program. Prior to working with Attentive, Uncommon Goods’ Perks members often missed out on the benefits of their membership because they were unlikely to proactively log-in to their Perks account on the Uncommon Goods website. With the direct nature of SMS, Uncommon Goods unlocked a direct communication line to reach their most dedicated shoppers with their authentic, friendly brand voice. For example, Uncommon Goods messaged Perks members about early access to a summer sale and about new ways to earn rewards using colloquial phrases like “Right this way,” “Hi Perks friend!” and “Woo-hoo!” to build trust around a consistently authentic brand voice.

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Getting conversational 

Layering in Attentive Concierge™, which provides people-powered and highly personalized conversations at scale, lets the brand deliver more hands-on support and nurture their loyalty subscribers. 

Through Attentive Concierge, Uncommon Goods could target and identify customers on their loyalty list and send them timely, customized reminders. Warm messages—using the first name of each customer for a personal touch—were sent right before loyalty credits expired, providing a positive and valuable service to their most dedicated shoppers.

“One time a customer had placed an order for a customized pillow as a wedding present, and then realized they had entered the name wrong. They thought there wasn’t anything they could do about it. 

When we reached out to them through Attentive Concierge, they explained the situation, and we were able to communicate with the maker to have them change the name before it got produced. 

More personalization, more convenience, more loyalty 

Since launching their SMS program with Attentive, Uncommon Goods has seen 31x total SMS program ROI. Plus, their Customer Perks API is driving results, with 56x Average ROI across the three loyalty-specific campaigns they launched.

When asked about future plans, Hashemi has two big goals in mind. “We’re excited to continue using SMS to ask customers about their shopping preferences through Two-Way Journeys and Attentive Concierge,” he says. “Both tools present an opportunity to build long-term relationships with our customers while driving sales across the entire customer lifecycle.”

But that’s just the beginning.

Looking forward, Uncommon Goods is excited to use SMS to collect data about their shoppers. Then, they can use that data to power personalized conversations with loyalty members and general customers at scale. 

“Our shoppers are happy to hand over data about themselves if it means they get a customized and convenient experience,” says Hashemi. “We’re really excited to dig more into subscriber insights to build out profiles for each shopper so we can keep them engaged with our brand and mission for the long run.”

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