New in Attentive AI™: Smart Product Recommendations and More

Automated campaigns for SMS
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Product News
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May 16, 2023
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Brian Long
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Increase engagement and conversions with personalized product recommendations and AI-generated email subject lines, in a few clicks.  

Today, I’m excited to introduce our latest investments in AI to unlock new opportunities for marketers to expand and enhance their SMS and email programs. 

We’re launching two new Attentive AI™ features to help marketers optimize their SMS and email campaigns through automation—from generating content to predicting high-value audiences and scaling conversations—so they can deliver better results, faster. Marketers can now take the manual work out of personalized product recommendations using Automated Campaigns to plan, test, and send effortlessly tailored messages unique to each subscriber. And, using our new Subject Line Assistant tool, you can skip hours of riffing on copy and generate and test high-performing email subject lines in a single click.

Check out The Marketer's Guide to Using AI—learn about the different types of AI, pros and cons, and how to incorporate it into your marketing strategy at different stages.

Get early access to Automated Campaigns

Automated Campaigns is currently in beta. Interested in joining the program? Join the waitlist, or reach out to your client strategy manager. 

Generate hyper-personalized, always-on product recommendations with Automated Campaigns

Our Automated Campaigns tool is trained on anonymized insights across our 8,000+ customers (and personalized with your own data) to help you generate personalized, multi-touch campaigns. It takes care of everything from copy and imagery to segments and send time, so you can send the right message to the right subscriber at exactly the right time. 

But your SMS campaign strategy encompasses so much more than seasonal marketing moments. Now, with Automated Campaigns, you can quickly and easily generate personalized product recommendations for each subscriber. 

Lean on AI to suggest products your subscribers will love

Automated Campaigns starts with a foundation of 1.4 trillion data points from across our 8,000 customers to provide best practices, helping create copy and high-ROI segments. Then, our machine learning tool layers on your subscribers’ data from the past three months, including purchase data, product views, and items they’ve added to their shopping cart. Using these data points, our AI-powered tool considers the following questions to create high-performing product recommendations: 

  1. What products are your individual subscribers interested in? 
  2. Which segments should your brand engage?
  3. What copy and imagery will resonate with your subscribers?  
  4. What time are your subscribers likely to click and convert?
Automated Campaigns for SMS

If there isn't enough data for a personalized recommendation, Automated Campaigns can identify bestsellers to recommend to subscribers. This means that your subscribers are getting relevant product recommendations that other shoppers have loved (and you’ll increase your click rate and site traffic). 

This level of personalization isn’t just great for your customers. It helps you automatically optimize for conversion and retention, so you can maximize your budget and time. 

Deliver always-on-brand ‌customer experiences in a few clicks

The product recommendations Automated Campaigns generate are carefully crafted based on your subscribers’ preferences and behaviors, and written in your brand's voice. But since you know your audience better than anyone else, we’ve built in lots of flexibility so you can further tailor its outputs to your needs. 

Your AI-generated campaigns will automatically be planned around your scheduled campaigns, moving forward or back four days to avoid subscriber fatigue. But you can always remove campaigns that don’t fit your brand guidelines or your marketing goals. And since you’re closest to your marketing calendar and your customers’ experience across channels, you can also adjust how often you’re messaging subscribers. Finally, copy and imagery are completely editable, so you can fine-tune the messages or use them as-is. 

Create and test high-performing email subject lines 

Writing a great subject line that'll drive open rates is really hard—just ask a copywriter. That’s why we’re bringing our generative AI to email. An evolution of Magic Message—and trained on your brand’s historical data—our Subject Line Assistant will take the guesswork out of writing and testing subject lines. You can feel confident that your program is driving optimal results, while reducing the time (and budget) spent on manually tweaking and testing copy.

AI-generated email subject lines

Remember: You always have full control over your Automated Campaigns. Attentive AI was built to help marketers enhance their SMS and email programs by automating workflows and providing data-driven recommendations. At any point, you can edit their outputs or turn them off at your own choosing. 

Learn more about Attentive AI (including our Copy Assistant and Image Generator), and the next evolution of Attentive Concierge™, powered by AI

And, if you’re ready to see what Attentive AI can do for you, sign up to join the waitlist.

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